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Ex-Anthrax John Bush Is Open To An Anthrax All 3 Singers Special Show If Joey Belladonna Approves

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

For Canada's  The Metal Voice Jimmy Kay and former singer of Anthrax Neil Turbin spoke to Ex Anthrax  Armored Saint Singer John Bush.

John Bush talked about the bands upcoming live stream full set performance/ record release on October 10 at the Whisky A GO GO, where the band will also be  playing four new tracks off the new Armored Saint Album Punching the Sky.

Also during the interview Bush gave his opinion on an all Anthrax singers reunion show for a special concert and the possibility of touring as a solo artist playing Bush era Anthrax songs.

The new  Armored Saint Album 'Punching the Sky' will be released on October 23 2020  via Metal Blade Records.

Watch here

Photo by Kimberly Calvert Callie Girll

Tell us about the online show and album launch party

"It's October 10th and it's going to be at the famous Whisky a GO GO right here in Hollywood. We are trying to keep live venues alive in this uncertain time. It should be fun, to purchase tickets just go to :  You can  just get the tickets to the show which is 10 bucks or you can get a bundle package as well with shirts and album. You can watch this everywhere on earth, if you have the internet. my only concern that it's going to be odd playing in front of nobody, it will be like a glorified rehearsal playing to the cameras. We will be playing four new songs and deep tracks and we are looking forward to it."

When asked about the musical direction off the new album

"The new album sounds like Armored Saint progressing with every record. I always say the previous record sets up the next record and with Win Hands Down which we thought was a great record I think it sets up this record. It's a stepping stone, I really believe it's a step in progressing as writers, singers and musicians. You always want to look back on your history but to also look forward. It  encompasses all the origins as Armored Saint as a cool hard rock heavy metal band and making a record these days that sounds like it came out in  2020, I think that is imperative. I love the 80's I cherish them but we are not in the 80's. It has a sense of feeling old school but sounding like a record that came out now. "

When asked if there are any plans to tour as a solo artist playing Bush era Anthrax songs "The first time I talked to my booking agent about it, which is probably several years ago now. We talked about it and he sniffed around and got some feelers to see what people would think and I don't think we got the response that we wanted. It's not that we were looking for millions of dollars or anything like that but we wanted to make it worthwhile to do  and do the shows properly. It's not like I want to do six months of touring, it would be fun just  to do some sporadic shows. But I don't think we were pleased enough with the response. "

When asked if he would be open to participating in an Anthrax all singer era special show  "Scott Ian had said something recently which caught me by surprise as he said something about doing some shows but not only with me but with Joey (Belladonna) and also Neil (Turbin). Which I thought was a great idea. I think that would be an amazing thing for the fan base. But what I keep saying is that Joey Belladonna is the singer of Anthrax and Joey should be the singer of Anthrax as far as I'm concerned and if this happens it needs to  have his approval really, quite honestly. He is the singer who would be sharing the stage. So I would think it would be something Joey would have to give an endorsement for it to happen. "

On Saturday, October 10 at 1 p.m PST / 4 p.m. EST / 10 p.m. CET, ARMORED SAINT will host a live record-release show online for its upcoming album, "Punching The Sky"ARMORED SAINT will be performing a full set from the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, Caliornia, including four new songs from "Punching The Sky". Additionally, the band will be answering select questions from fans who submit them via a post on the ARMORED SAINT Facebook page. Tickets, plus exclusive event merch bundles are available now at: Fans who purchase a ticket can access the footage and bundles until November 9 -"Punching The Sky" track listing:01. Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants 02. End Of The Attention Span 03. Bubble 04. My Jurisdiction 05. Do Wrong To None 06. Lone Wolf 07. Missile To Gun 08. Fly In The Ointment 09. Bark, No Bite 10. Unfair 11. Never You Fret Ticket-bundle options: * Ticket plus signed CD of Punching the Sky [$30 (USA only)] * Ticket plus exclusive event tee and signed CD [$65 (USA only)] * Ticket plus exclusive event tee [$55 (USA shipping), $65.00 (Europe shipping)]

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