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Drummer Mikkey Dee Comments On Re-Joining King Diamond For A Few One Off Shows

Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Motorhead Drummer Mikkey Dee about the re-issue of the Motorhead album Bad Magic, now Serious Bad Magic box set, with two new tracks, a live album and an interview with Lemmy.

Serious Bad Magic box set was released Feb 24 2023 via Silver Lining Music

Mikkey Dee also spoke about playing with the Scorpions as well as if he would reunite with the King Diamond band for a few shows.

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Mikkey Dee was asked if he and Phil ever tour as Motorhead replacing Lemmy like so many other bands today, he replied," I really don't think they (fans) want us to do that. That's to me is stepping over the the line. We will never ever ever tour with Motorhead as a name, ever and bring someone else in. That will never happen. But what we are doing is some shows here and there. I just did two shows Saturday and Sunday here in Sweden with two younger guys and did 10 Motorhead songs and this show sold out in less than two weeks. I mean Bam Bam we have to add that Sunday and it's so great to play the old classics again and and perform. But it has nothing to do with trying to be Motorhead and this is not advertised as Motorhead, it's advertised Mickey Dee with friends yeah for instance, so there's a definitely a a line there."

When Mikkey Dee was asked about if he would ever consider re-joining King Diamond for a few shows he said, "Yeah we talk once in a while. He (King Diamond) came and saw us with Scorpions in Dallas where he lives and uh he could not come this last tour we did. Unfortunately they were busy with him and his wife. So he missed that show but King is a big Scorpion fan and we talk. I talk to Andy LaRocque as we are not far from each other. So we talk and I say what I've been saying. If they ever wanna have me behind a drum kit for something I'm totally totally there for that. That'd be great fun for me but I also said I know exactly where King is coming from. He's been playing with Matt Thompson for so long, a great drummer. And it's not fair to him or to the rest of the band. Because we went through kind of the same thing with some people that kept talking about Fast Eddie Clark and Filthy Animal Taylor (reuniting with Lemmy) and Lemmy said never will I play with these guys again (Fast Eddie and Filthy). They are friends and we talk but I'm playing with the best band I ever played with in my entire life and we're doing better than ever so he didn't want to hear about it. So I see where King's coming from, it will be unfair to a loyal guy like Matt but I said if they had an interest of doing something I'm here, if I got the time, I still play drums."

Bad Magic: SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC will be released on Double 12” Vinyl, CD Digipak with Bonus Disc, Limited Edition Boxset, Digital Download and Streaming. The Limited Edition Boxset will contain the CD Digipak with Bonus Disc, Double 12” Vinyl,.

Which was released Feb 24 2023 via Silver Lining Music

Motörhead, the iconic Godfathers of heavy metal, released their 23rd (and final) studio album Bad Magic in 2015. Instantly hailed as one of the best the beloved trio had recorded in many years, Bad Magic: SERIOUSLY BAD MAGIC enjoys a bonus-packed refresh, adding two previously unreleased tracks from those furious sessions:

“Bullet in Your Brain” and “Greedy Bastards” as well as a snarling, fangs-out live performance from that subsequent tour at the giant Mt Fuji Festival in Japan in 2015. Fans will also get “War, Love, Death and Injustice”, an audio interview with Lemmy conducted by Motörhead expert Robert Kiewik during the tour, and should the desire to have a chat with Lem or anyone beyond this mortal coil arise, the box-set will exclusively contain a MURDER ONE ouija board (complete with the Ace of Spades planchette to spell out the conversation).

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