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Dream Theater's James LaBrie Aiming To Tour Solo in Cathedrals & Small Castle Settings For May 2023

Jimmy Kay and Allan Dixon from The Metal Voice spoke to Dream Theater singer James LaBrie who is releasing his new solo album 'Beautiful Shade of Grey' on May 20, 2022 via InsideOut Music

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When asked about the significance of the title on the new album

"The significance of the title is the human condition, so a lot of my lyrics are dealing with what it means to grow up, to exist and to operate as a human being. I have always said we are a fascinating entity. The construction of us, the complexity of us, it is a beautiful creation. But at the same time why I brought in Shade of Grey because there always seems to be a certain level of sadness that we always carry around with us. To know that we don't know what happens when the lights go out is something that we contend with and everyone on this planet thinks about from time to time. So I wanted to talk about that, the ups and downs, the challenges, the victories, the tribulations and all that ."

When asked if he will tour with his solo band

"I'm hoping to take this incredible line up out on the road next May. Promoters are already ringing my bell and we are talking about trying to get out and do some live shows in May of 2023. Dream Theater can be out at least a year from now, so I am finding out from management if there is going to be a window of opportunity in May 2023 so that I can get out and do two three weeks, maybe in Europe. Then find out when the next window is and maybe do three weeks in North America, in select cities. What they are trying to schedule for me in Europe right now for next May is that they want to put me in Cathedrals, Churches and small castles. I told them I want it to be intimate so I said 500 people, maybe 1000 at the most and so that it is just going to be a really exclusive experience for the fans and to retain that acoustic notion that we have been doing since the beginning of this album. "

When asked about the Dream Theater winning a Grammy

"That was ridiculous, I guess a third time is a charm. The fact that we won was an amazing feeling, we were all just absolutely thrilled."

Photo credit: Thomas Ewerhard

Beautiful Shade Of Grey" track listing: 01. Devil In Drag 02. SuperNova Girl 03. Give And Take 04. Sunset Ruin 05. Hit Me Like A Brick 06. Wildflower 07. Conscience Calling 08. What I Missed 09. Am I Right 10. Ramble On 11. Devil In Drag (Electric Version)

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