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Dee Snider New Solo Album 'Leave A Scar', Twisted Sister Royalties, Live Stream & Family Feud

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to solo artist and lead singer of Twisted Sister Dee Snider who spoke about his new upcoming solo album Leave a scar, Twisted Sister Royalties and appearing on Family Feud.

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When asked about the writing process of the new solo album "So you get the idea to do a record, you are feeling some inspiration and then you start working on the album. So you are writing and everyone goes this is awesome, this is coming out amazing, this is incredible. Then somewhere along the way it changes to a question. Is this awesome? Is this amazing? Is it incredible? All self doubt starts feeding and it's the creative process and you can't help it. When you are working in a studio especially now because of Covid you are not getting any outside input. So finally people are hearing it and the response has been really good so far. "

When asked about the upcoming live stream

"There will be a live stream event on July 29 is going to be amazing. I haven't done a show in almost two years and we are doing it. Everybody is tested or vaccinated. We are doing it full blown shoulder to shoulder, it's a small venue with about 1000 people but it's going to be amazing to let the animals out of the cages for one night. There will be a lot of new music from my new album, stuff from my solo career and there will be some Twister Sister songs there as well."

When asked what was it like to appear on Family Feud with his family recently

"We were dealing with the Covid protocols, even the audience was socially distanced. Steve Harvey (the host) you can see was missing that rapport you get from a packed house and people are less likely to laugh alone when socially distanced. The biggest thing for us when I looked up to see who else had been on the show, they never had a rock family, let alone a Heavy Metal family on the family feud. So I felt a sudden responsibility and my family and I spoke about it, so we said let's not go out there and be clowns, even though it's fun to goof around. They don't expect you to come in there and kick ass on the game and win $25,000 for the coalition for the homeless. So we had a little talk backstage and said let's represent our community, like I did when I went to Washington. They expect me to be an idiot and I am not going too, I am going to take this seriously I am not going to play into what they expect and with their definition of a Heavy Metal Rock Star."

When asked if the song lyrics on 'Crying for your life' on the new solo album was Iced Earth Jon Schaffer inspired

"Maybe? (smiles) I don't mind going there. Certainly he was the cherry on top of the cake. A lot of the younger generation (not all of you) I am a boomer and I take credit for spoiling the kids. But a lot of the younger generation has a tendency to point and not want to take responsibility for your actions, especially when things go wildly wrong. When I screwed up Twisted Sister and I did, It was me. I didn't point fingers at the other guys in the band. At the end of the day I was the problem and I am the reason we broke up (Twisted Sister). I take full credit and full responsibility. I also take credit for the good things. We sold 10 million records, you're welcome (laughs)."

When asked if Twisted Sister was underpaid for all the albums sold over the years

"Twisted Sister didn't start receiving any album sales royalties until we recorded 'Heroes are hard to find', for the 'Strangeland' soundtrack. In order to get the band to reunite the record label wiped our debt out that was 1997. The band had been broken up for 10 years, we had sold tens of millions of records and we had not gotten one royalty check. Somebody brought it to Ahmet Ertegun (founder of Atlantic Records) attention that we were still in the red all these years later and they were trying to get us together and said Ahmet would you please just wipe these guys' accounts clean, Ahmet we got enough from them. And Ahmet Ertegun probably didn't even pay attention or know these things but he saw it and said they paid enough cleared the debt and so we have been getting royalty checks. The ones we should have gotten those big ones we never got. In 2001 Napster came out so a few years later people stopped buying records so our royalty checks are a joke. "

Legendary heavy metal vocalist and pop culture icon Dee Snider recently announced his triumphant fifth full-length album, Leave A Scar, out July 30, 2021 via Napalm Records. To commemorate the release of his new album, Dee Snider has announced a streaming event for his fans on Thursday, July 29. All ticket buyers will gain access to the concert stream on the 29th, as well as on-demand access to any and all content from the event for a 30-day period!

Tickets for the stream are available now at

Like a scar itself, Leave A Scar is an illuminating plentitude of angst etched in time – serving as a musical refuge and expressive output for Dee. But in turn, this auditory time capsule written to express the anger, unease and pain he experienced during lockdown emerges as not only blisteringly heavy, but relentlessly powerful. Each of the 12 tracks on Leave A Scar not only further bolster DEE SNIDER’s position as one of the most celebrated frontmen of all time, showcasing that his vocal delivery and commanding swagger is as strong as ever, but that he is nowhere near stopping.

Once again produced by Jamey Jasta with co-production, mixing and mastering by drummer Nick Bellmore, "Leave A Scar" sees Snider & Co. continuing in the invigorated direction of 2018's "For The Love Of Metal".

Leave A Scar tracklisting: 1) I Gotta Rock (Again) 2) All Or Nothing More 3) Down But Never Out 4) Before I Go 5) Open Season 6) Silent Battles 7) Crying For Your Life 8) In For The Kill 9) Time To Choose 10) S.H.E. 11) The Reckoning 12) Stand

DEE SNIDER Band Line-up: Dee Snider - Vocals Charlie Bellmore - Guitar & Background Vocals Nick Bellmore - Drums Russell Pzütto - Bass & Background Vocals Nick Petrino - Guitar & Background Vocals

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