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David Lee Roth Announces Retirement & Hints At Reasons In Phone Interview

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

"I'm Throwing in the shoes. I'm retiring" Roth said in a phone conversation with the Las Vegas review and re-posted on and Van Halen News Desk

David Lee Roth has released the official music video for a new solo song called "Lo-Rez Sunset". The clip, which also features original artwork by the VAN HALEN singer, can be seen below.

"Lo-Rez Sunset" was one of five songs included in last fall's The Roth Project, an online comic narrated by Roth, with music from John 5 on guitar and bass, Greg Bissonette on drums, Brett Tuggle on keyboards, and Luis Conte on percussion. The 17-chapter comic also included four other songs Roth co-wrote with John 5 and recorded several years ago at Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood, California: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bar And Grill", "Alligator Pants", "Giddy-Up!" and "Manda Bala". Source Blabbermouth

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