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David Ellefson Is Hoping For A Summer Release of Nick Menza Documentary-2024 The NAMM SHOW

Updated: Mar 1

For The Metal Voice former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin talks to Ex-Megadeth, now Kings of Thrash bassist David Ellefson and guitarist Jeff Young at this years NAMM 2024 at the Ellefson Coffee both.

Photo by Scott Braun-Braun Media

They Talk Kings of Thrash, Nick Menza upcoming documentary, Megadeth and a lot more

Watch here

When asked if Dave Mustaine has reached out to Ellefson since the split with Megadeth

"No, he has not reached out. "

When asked if David Ellefson missed being in Megadeth

"Of Course it's my band too. I helped start it. But let me be clear, there are things about it that of course I miss. The fans, the performances, the show and I enjoyed the touring, I'm a road warrior. But you know Megadeth was not always a big gig. We started where everybody else started, small gigs. I've known it from the bottom to the top and everything in between. But honestly as tides turn, things go, I'm super happy and very content with everything I am doing now. I say I make music I like, with people I like. For me at this age, I got the Grammy and I'm good."

When asked about the upcoming former drummer of Megadeth Nick Menza documentary

"It's call this was my life, the story of Nick Menza. We are hoping for a summer release. Right now, literally we are shopping the distribution for it. It's the story of Nick. Ten years of that is Megadeth, that is the fireworks that is the big attention getter. But Nick has such a great story growing up in a very musical household. Also Nick is a real character he is a lovable likeable guy and when you see the movie it feels like Nick is sitting right next to you watching it."

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