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Legendary Ex-Iron Maiden Singer Paul Di'anno Gives An Update On His Health & New Music

Legendary Ex Iron Maiden singer and solo artist Paul Di'anno joins The Metal Voice on their 10 year anniversary show. Paul gives an update of his current health situation as well as talks about some new music he is working on.

Watch interview here for all details

You can contribute to Di'Anno's fundraiser here for the sugrery he is awaiting

Paul Di'anno's latest live album 'Hell Over Waltrop'

In the summer of 2006, Paul Di'Anno was asked if he would like to perform with his German band PHANTOMS OF THE OPERA at a city festival in the small Westphalian town of Waltrop on a bill that also included FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE and SYDNEY YOUNGBLOOD. After initial skepticism about how to get the expected pop and disco fans, they decided to play the gig, especially since it marked a hometown performance for the two RE-VISION musicians, bassist Gonzo and drummer Dom, who formed the rhythm foundation of the PHANTOMS. And that scepticism vanished and suddenly turned into pure magic at the moment the band entered the stage. The city festival crowd mutated into an enthusiastic metal crowd, celebrating Paul and his boys through their brilliant gig. The show was also completely recorded by producer and FOH man Thomas Mergler. At home, however, he found that the recordings were unusable due to an error by the monitor crew. After more than 12 years, Thomas found the tapes again by chance. And he managed to save the old recordings with the help of more modern technical possibilities.

Track List

1 Prowler

2 Murders in the Rue Morgue

3 Impaler

4 Remember Tomorrow

5 Children of Madness

6 Marshall Lokjaw

7 The Living Dead

8 The Beast Arises

9 The Faith Healer

10 Phantom of the Opera

11 Transylvania

12 Running Free

13 Blitzkrieg Bop

14 Sanctuary

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Guests on the show

Stryper Michael Sweet

CEO Metal Hall Pat Gesualdo

Rock Author Martin Popoff

Steve Grimmett Grim Reaper

Ex Anthrax Neil Turbin

Maybe Paul Di'Anno

Appice Bros Singer Jim Crean

Giles Lavery Dragonsclaw

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