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Cloven Hoof Announces New Singer, Jag Panzer's Three Tremors Harry Conklin & New Album 2023

On a social media post and video Cloven Hoof leader and bassist Lee Andrew Payne has announced that the band's new singer will be Harry Conklin (Three Tremors, Jag Panzer)

"Momentous news! Harry Conklin is the new Cloven Hoof singer. He will be working with the band on the new album and performing live at "Up the Hammers festival". Expect a total killer album in 2023!"

Lee Andre Payne's social media post

Cloven Hoof are an English band from Wolverhampton, active from 1979 to 1990, and again from around 2000 onward. They were associated with the new wave of British heavy metal movement, alongside bands such as Iron Maiden, Saxon, and Diamond Head. Enduring many line-up changes, only founding bassist Lee Payne has remained a constant member throughout the decades. (Wikipedia)

Cloven Hoof' former singer George Call exited the band on Oct 4 2022 due to differences and appeared on the bands last three albums, Who Mourns for the Morning Star (28 April 2017), The Age of Steel (24 April 2020) and Time Assassin (11 March 2022).

Harry Conklin has recorded and performed with, Jag Panzer, The Three Tremors and Satan's Host

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