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Chris Holmes Talks Funding New Studio Album, Upcoming Documentary & W.A.S.P. Years

Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to guitarist and founding member W.A.S.P. Chris Holmes. Holmes talked about his upcoming documentary, his new album and touched upon some W.A.S.P. history

When asked about his new single Playing With Fire

"If you listen to the lyrics it's about Covid. It's about the government lying to you about the virus they are saying it's not very contagious, they are playing with fire. It's about who do you trust? Who do you blame? Who is going to die? Singing on it is Oliver Tindall, Steve Grimmett (Grim Reaper), Tommy Bolan (Warlock) and Charles-André Lambert (Canadian Touring Band, Phoenix in Flames). " When asked about his upcoming studio album "I have to finish the record. I got all the songs written, I just need to record them. That is why I got an Indiegogo page up to help fund the recording. The way I was doing records before is I would play live and take all the money that I made and put it into the recording of the album. That is how I got my last E.P. done. So from the tour that I missed out this year I was going to take that money and finish the record but since I didn't get to tour I haven't made any money. A lot of people think I made money from W.A.S.P. I never got my royalties. I never got paid one penny (in royalties). And you know who's fault it is, it's my fault for not knowing the business (not record company). I'm talking when albums are done and how they split up the publishing, with the publishing contracts that is where the money comes from. I was never told about these meetings. The other members in the band (W,A,S,P,) never wrote , I was the only one (except Blackie Lawless). I was the only one they had to screw over to get all the publishing. In 2006-2007 I went into Sanctuary music and had a lawyer to find out where my publishing was and he discovered I was written in as a session player onto all the records (WASP Albums). "

"So I trusted Blackie Lawless about that and when I found out it kind of yanked me wrong. He (Blackie ) was sticking a knife in my back from the first day,the first album and not telling me and being my best friend. If it wasn't for me he would not be where he is at I guarantee you that. It's alright it's been a long time and it's something I will never get over. I will take that to the grave with me. Yeah Blackie's got an outrageous voice but he turns his back on his band members. I'm the only guy in the band that ever came back and got screwed twice. I came back for Kill F*** Die and I was promised half publishing on that album and didn't get crap. That's why I wrote the song Two Faced Mother F***er on my Shitting Bricks album, it's about him. And I got a new song on new album it's called, 'You can't handle the truth." I'm going to write a song about him on every album. Everybody asks me about a W.A.S.P. reunion, sure I would love to play a W.A.S.P. reunion if he (Blackie) pays me my publishing. Screw me once , screw me twice you are not going to screw me a third time. "

Tell us about the musical direction of the new album "I got the E.P. of the new album already out. It's called Under the influence. it's going to sound like that, straight forward Rock and Roll."

When asked about the upcoming documentary "I have a documentary coming out called Mean Man and it's the story of the last ten years of my life it comes out Jan 19 2021 and It will be out on Cleopatra. It shows what I have been doing , touring and has interviews with people from the past. The guy followed me around with a camera for a very long time. " When asked if he got paid for the famous pool scene in Decline of Western Civilization. "I went to high school with Penelope Spheeris' boyfriend years before and I have met her a bunch of times in Hollywood. She called me up personally and asked me to do a scene. She still owes me 300 bucks, Penelope Spheeris paid 300 bucks but it went to management not me. The deal was she called me personally and she should have paid me personally, so she still owes me 300 bucks. She called me up wanting to do another interview for the box set that is coming out. I told her if you want to pay me my 300 bucks I'll think about it."

Indiegogo funding for Chris Holmes new album

Chris Holmes Tentative Canadian Tour dates 2021

Quebec City April 22

Montreal April 23

Ottawa April 24

London April 29

Toronto April 30

Calgary May 8

Vancouver May14

Victoria May 15 Former W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes releases a new single called 'Playing with Fire' with an all cast of contributors. The single was released on multiple platforms

Cleopatra Entertainment has secured the North American, U.K., Australian, New Zealand and South African distribution rights to the documentary film "Mean Man: The Story Of Chris Holmes".

Written and directed by French filmmakers Antoine De Montremy and Laurent Hart (whose music production career includes televised interviews with SCORPIONS, DEEP PURPLE, SLAYER, GUNS N' ROSES and more), "Mean Man: The Story Of Chris Holmes" was a project that was born in 2014 after they had an opportunity to meet and direct Holmes in a music video for the Holmes-penned song "Let It Roar" in Cannes, France. At that time, the former W.A.S.P. guitarist had more or less disappeared from the music scene, leaving his home in the U.S. to seek a new beginning with his wife Sarah in France. Not content with merely directing a music video for the reborn Holmes, De Montremy pursued his bigger dream of writing and directing a documentary film about this iconic metal guitar legend, and for the next several years shadowed him throughout Europe while filming everything from band rehearsals, to recording sessions to live performances.

By creatively combining archival footage, interviews with past and present band members and musical peers, family members and childhood friends — interspersed with beautifully filmed concert performances of Holmes's current solo band — De Montremy skillfully portrays the story of an iconic guitar player who has lived a life of extreme highs and lows. After losing the publishing rights of his own songs and combatting dangerous addictions, the legendary W.A.S.P. guitarist is shown starting over from scratch while living at his mother-in-law's in Cannes, France as he puts together, with his wife, a brand new band and a brand new musical role as not only the main guitarist, but now as the actual lead singer of this newly born musical project aptly named MEAN MAN.

Says De Montremy: "Over the last five years, I've had the privilege to establish a true relationship with Chris Holmes and to follow him throughout Europe. I was impressed by his charisma, his approach towards life, his multiple experiences and taste for simplicity which have actually altered my own vision of existence. In fact, he has almost become a spiritual father to me, in the way that he inspired me in many of my own decisions."

Cleopatra Entertainment's plans for release include a stand-alone DVD Home Entertainment version and a Blu-ray version chock full of bonus goodies not available on the Digital VOD version which will follow the DVD and Blu-ray Release this November, just in time for the holidays. A U.S. West Coast theatrical premiere is being discussed as well, pending the revision and/or relaxation of the current local state government's restrictions on movie theaters operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Blabbermouth

Chris Holmes - Mean Man - Trailer

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