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Artillery's New Album X Honours The Legacy Of Founding Member By Using Old Demo Ideas, Says Singer

Jimmy Kay and Former Anthrax Singer Neil Turbin spoke with Singer of Artillery Michael Bastholm Dahl. They talked about the new Album X as well as Turbin and Artillery's touring history. X will be released May 7 via Metal Blade Records

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Tell us about the making of the album

"When we finished off the Face of Fear album (last one) we knew that Morton's health was not that good but we went out and played like we always did. When we started with the recording of X and the writing process we were looking for something to justify to do this album. One of the reasons we decided to go on that was Morton's wish, he wanted us to go on. Then all of sudden all these old demos from Morton started to appear. Peter the bassist had a lot of demo tapes lying around back from the days of 'By Inheritance' Album from Morton. Morton also had demos from the 'Face of Fear' album that didn't make it onto the album. So we took quite a bit of material that Morton had prepared and put into the album, so that was nice cause it felt like he was there. The whole Recording process and writing of the New Album X was a bit Like therapy, the mourning of Morton and honouring his legacy. I know he was present in everyone's mind. On the album we tried to think of what Morton thought so he was much present in spirit

Tell us about the musical direction of the new album

"In general we don't over think it that much we are just trying to do what we feel what is natural for us and what we would like to hear. I know a lot of people think they want Artillery to sound like they did on the first two albums. But things today are flowing quite naturally. We wanted this new album to feel like things were moving forward and trying new terrain and still honour the old elements of the band as well. One part melodic but of course the heavier thrashier stuff. But we have been doing ballads as long as I have been in the band and I enjoy writing songs like that where you can have more contrasts in the songs."

Co-founding member Morten Stützer passed in 2019. Having played a big part in shaping Artillery’s songs and appearing on every album up to 2018’s riveting The Face Of Fear.

Tracklisting: 1 The Devil’s Symphony

2 In Thrash we Trust

3 Turn up The Rage

4 Silver Cross

5 In Your Mind

6 The Ghost of Me

7 Force of Indifference

8 Varg i Veum

9 Mors Ontologica

10 Eternal Night

11 Beggars In Black Suits

Artillery Line-up: Michael Bastholm Dahl – vocals

Michael Stützer – guitars

Kræn Meier – guitars

Peter Thorslund – bass

Josua Madsen – drums

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