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Anvil's Lips On New Album: It's The Closest Thing To 'Metal on Metal' & 'Forged in Fire' Albums

The Metal Voice recently interviewed Steve ' Lips' Kudlow from Anvil to talk about the bands upcoming studio album 'One and Only' which will be released June 28, 2024 via AFM Records/

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When asked about the lyrical meaning of the track 'Fight for your Rights' off the new album

"It was inspired by the death of the President and Vice President of Attic Records. That's what inspired me to write that. It was cathartic. I was young, I signed a contract that I shouldn't have signed, so it's becomes my fault. But at the same time the idea that here I am in my late 60s and I still don't get paid for the my first my first three albums it's ridiculously and unfair. In today's day and age there's no such thing as contracts like that. This was done in a day and age when they could get contracts forever. The blood will never dry. That's basically the foundation of the whole thing, you signed a contract for life. That's what you did and there really wasn't really a choice. It's not like there was a whole bunch of labels that were there to sign. It's what we were given and was our opportunity and we had to take it, plain and simple."

When asked about the musical direction of the new album

"Yeah it's probably the most we've been like the old Anvil than we've ever been. If you stop and think about the 'Metal on Metal' and the 'Forged in fire' albums. this is probably the closest we've ever come to it. "

‘One And Only’ track listing:

01 - One And Only

02 - Feed Your Fantasy

03 - Fight For Your Rights

04 - Heartbroken

05 - Gold And Diamonds

06 - Dead Man Shoes

07 - Truth Is Dying

08 - Rocking The World

09 - Run Away

10 - World Of Fools

11 - Condemned Liberty

12 - Blind Rage

‘One And Only’ was produced by Martin ‘Mattes’ Pfeiffer (U.D.O., among others) and Jörg Uken at his Soundlodge studio.

ANVIL are:

Steve 'Lips' Kudlow (Vocals/Guitar)

Robb Reiner (Drums)

Chris Robertson (Bass/Vocals)

For More Info Visit:


All you need is a gmail account

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