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Ann Wilson at 1# & Doro #2 In Female Top 40 Hard Rock/ Metal Singer Fan Poll, See Full List Here

The votes are in! The fans have spoken. Before everyone starts complaining how their favorite singer did not make the list or the ranks are skewed, keep in mind nothing is perfect it's a fan poll, meaning fans vote. The beauty of fans leading the charge is the results are not dictated by some obscure no name committee saying what is best for the fans.

Note the question was 'Your Favorite all Time Hard Rock / Metal Female singer" Meaning your personal favorite singer, NOT "who is the all time greatest female singer".

This top 40 list is representative of a vast array of extremely talented women from different countries and different styles who work their butts off. It represents the foremothers who paved the way, the ladies in the trenches today and the up and coming women we all need to watch out for and try to support.

It was nice to see some up and coming artists (bands) higher up in the ranks, pushed by their dedicated fan base, 'Raven Black' at 3, Lzzy Hale at 6 and Mariah Formica at 29. Congrats to their loyal fans and these singers

The overall goal should be to revisit the classics and to discover someone new

1- Ann Wilson (Heart)

2- Doro Pesch

3- Raven Black 4- Lita Ford 5- Floor Jansen- (Nightwish)

6- Lzzy Hale 7- Pat Benetar 8- Lee Aaron

9 -Alissa White- Gluz (Arch Enemy) 10- Amy Lee- (Evanescence) 11- Tarja Turunen- (Ex Nightwish) 12- Anneke Van Giersbergen-(The Gathering) 13- Tatiana Shmayluk (Jinjer) 14- Joan Jett 15- Maria Brink (In this moment) 16- Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) 17- Simone Simons (Epica) 18- Leather Leone (Ex Chastain) 19- Brittney Slayes-(Unleash The Archers) 20- Sharon den Adel- (Within Temptation) 21-Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) 22- Angela Gossow (ex-Arch Enemy) 23- Janet Gardner- (Vixen) 24- Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast) 25- Janis Joplin 26- Wendy O Williams (Plasmatics) 27- Lacey Sturm ( Ex Flyleaf) 28- Talyor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless) 29- Mariah Formica (Plush) 30-Lena Scissorhands (Infected Rain) 31- Dorothy Martin (Dorothy) 32- Darby Mills (ex Headpins) 33-Kim McAuliffe (Girlschool) 34-Melodia Cristea (Liliac) 35- Anette Olzon-(Ex Nightwish) 36 Kelly Johnson (Girlschool) 37-Laura Guldemond-(Burning Witches) 38- Maria Breon (HolyHell) 39-Sabina Classen (Holy Moses) 40- Liv Jagrell (Liv Sin)

The questions was

Your Favorite all Time Hard Rock / Metal Female singer?

2070 Vote cast in Round 1 open to fans to add candidates

2013 Vote cast in Round 2 locked top 50 candidates from round 1

Just as a note there were a lot more candidates who were also deserving, as music is subjective at the end of the day

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