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Aldo Nova-Releases 'Under The Gun 2021' Smokin' Video & Song- Watch Here

Aldo Nova just released 'Under The Gun 2021'-Smokin' hot-COVID 19 version. A a turbocharged version of his song with a very special jam at the end of the song called 'War Suite' to end it off with a bang.

Watch Here

A lot of you have been asking me for this and I aim to please always because your the best fans an artist could for...ROCK ON!!!!

Under the Gun War Suite 2021-Smokin' Hot-Reloaded for COVID 19

Aldo Nova-(Words and Music)

Aldo Nova-all instruments and vocals and video editing.

Aldo Nova has recorded another home studio Mini-Concert for all his fans, old and new, of a brand new Reloaded for COVID version of another of his classics from his 1st album, titled Aldo Nova. This is a turbocharged version of his song Under the Gun with a very special jam from his 2nd album, Subject, called War Suite to end it off with a bang. Get ready to have your feet stomping to this version and singing along with a classic from the 80s when the good times rocked and rolled all night and we all wish we could all go back to when things were fun and normal. You'll see and hear that Aldo Nova, at 64, is ROCKING HARDER THAN EVER!!!!!!




Sylvia Bechard-Video

Also watch 'Blood on the Bricks' Covid 19 Version

Canadian guitarist, vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter and Grammy award winning producer Aldo Nova has released a new song, "He Ladi Dadi"  taken off of  his upcoming Rock Opera "The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage", scheduled to be released in early 2021. Listen to new song below.

Listen here on YouTUBE

Between 2008-2020, Aldo Nova has been working on an exciting and challenging new project. A rock opera called 'The Life And Times Of Eddie Gage'. Aldo Nova states,  "I wrote more than 100 songs for this and selected 23 songs for the final finished album. I am hoping to release one song every two weeks with a grand finale bringing the whole album into huge stage production, which was my dream all along, so stay tuned.  "

Nova said, "Musically, it is almost metal written with heavy guitar riffs and all in a chromatic mode."

A Montreal native, Nova was approached by a 15-year-old Celine Dion to produce her first album,and released "Blood On The Bricks" on Jon Bon Jovi's Jambco label in 1991. It stood as the culmination of a long-running friendship and as any knowledgeable rock fan might argue, a thank-you note of sorts: the rock superstar lifting up the personal hero whose sound provided the blueprint for his own hits. Nova provided guitar, keys and background vocals for the demo of BON JOVI's first hit, "Runaway", and ended up playing with an assemblage of session musicians throughout BON JOVI's 1984 self-titled debut. Nova's imprint is also all over Jon Bon Jovi's debut solo album, "Blaze Of Glory" — especially the chart-topping title track, on which Nova's writing and producing went uncredited but were absolutely essential.

Aldo Nova's long list of credits  also include  co-writing on Blue Oyster Cult  'Revolution by Night' Album the single 'Take me Away' and played a  part on the all star band on BOC's  epic Imaginos album 

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to multi-instrumentalist Aldo Novo about his new album The Life and Times of Eddy Gage. Also in the chat Aldo Nova talks about his writing credits with various bands such as Bon Jovi, Blue Oyster Cult and many more.

Photo Credits above James St. Laurent. 

Watch Full Interview here

Tell us about the musical direction of the new album "It's a rock opera, it's got super rock songs, it's got techno songs, it's got a song with a 40 piece orchestra and my voice,  it's got a heavy duty rock songs, syth pop, gospel, rock and rap, so it's mix of everything, every song is different. Every song is written around every character. One thing that is in common in me and my music, is that it has to draw emotion, it can't be sterile. For me I make music out of emotion. It took 12 years to finish, twenty-three songs and two hours long. "

Tell us about the story behind the new album

"The story you might as well call it is an autobiography, it might as well be called The Life and times of Aldo Nova. The story is of this young kid who plays clubs and then gets noticed by a big record company executive. Then he gets famous ( the main character) and then he goes  and plays big stages, then he gets introduced to a woman by the powerful Greek record tycoon. The woman leads him down the path of drugs and he has a psychotic breakdown. It's my life story pretty much. It ends with redemption where he is happy spreading his message of faith, hope and love which he originally wanted to do from the beginning. There are 23 songs on the album and you might have  maybe 19 characters."

How will this album be released? "There is either one plan where I release one song every two weeks to keep people involved. Also talks are in progress to bring this to a huge stage production which was my dream all along. "

Aldo Nova-'When All is Said and Don'e-(Official Video)-2020

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