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Accept's Wolf Hoffmann-I was Sad & Heartbroken When Peter Baltes Left But The Show Must Go On

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to Accept's co-founder and guitarist Wolf Hoffmann about the bands upcoming studio album 'Too Mean to Die' which will be released January 15 2021 via Nuclear Blast Records.

During the chat Hoffmann also gave his thoughts on the departure of Peter Baltes, the influence of Eddie Van Halen and revisited the legacy of Accept's classic albums Restless and Wild and Balls to the Wall

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When asked about the making and style of new Accept studio album 'Too Mean to die'

"Brand new songs in the traditional form of Accept and better than ever. It's got a whole bunch of stuff on it which surprised a lot of the people. I have heard comments from people that say it reminds them a little bit of the Blood of the Nations album as far as the vibe is concerned. Another comment I got was there is a lot of surprising variety on this album. When we started recording and writing the songs we never had a goal or a plan of what we are trying to achieve that we must do this or do that, we just basically followed where the songs took us and that kind of shaped the album in the end. "

What were the pros and cons of releasing an album during a pandemic

"Ask me again in three months and I will tell you of how good of an idea it was (laughs). We don''t know when everything is going to go back to normal, if ever, so how long do you postpone everything? Is it really such a good idea to let the album just sit there in the archives until day X which may or not be anytime soon or is it better to give the fans now so they can at least enjoy the music and when the day comes we will see each other on tour again. In a weird way this might actually help album sales because people don't have to buy concert tickets because they can't, maybe more people will buy the album ? "

When asked about the absence of long time bassist Peter Baltes

"It was a little strange for me I was kind of heartbroken and sad when it happened but at the end of the day what are you going to do, you have to keep on moving, the show must go on. We got a great new guy on bass his name is Mark Motnik and he actually contributed quite a bit to this album, songwriting wise which really surprised me in a good way. I miss Peter but it has been two years and the ship rolls on what can you do."

When asked if Eddie Van Halen influenced by his guitar playing

"At the end of the day he influenced everybody, anyone who heard him was blown away. He opened up a whole new chapter for every guitar player but I personally was never really influenced by him I was more drawn to Ritchie Blackmore and Uli Jon Roth and other players with a little more of the classical European style of playing."

ACCEPT's lineup has also been expanded with the addition of a third guitarist, Philip Shouse, who originally filled in for Uwe Lulis during last year's "Symphonic Terror" tour, before being asked to join the band permanently.

"Too Mean To Die" was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with British producer Andy Sneap (JUDAS PRIEST, MEGADETH), who has been responsible for the magnificent studio sound of ACCEPT since 2010.

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