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Accept's Mark Tornillo A No Show at Toronto Gig Due To Illness, Band Does Vocals & Plays Short Set

Accept vocalist Mark Tornillo did not perform in Toronto at the Phoenix Concert Theater last night (Oct 16, 2022) due to vocal issues caused by sickness. No word yet on official illness.

Orlando Moshpit was there at the show reporting for The Metal Voice.

"Accept played for an hour, Martin Motnik Bass player and the drummer Christopher Williams did the vocal parts." Moshpit said. Another fan online also added who was at the gig "They were singing the chorus of songs and not the whole song. We got 9 songs instead of the full set."

Moshpit continued "Attendance was about half capacity, about 400 out of a 1000. I was told around 8:30pm kind of. I met Wolf at the meet and greet at around 8:30pm and asked where’s Mark? He told me he’s at the hospital cause he has some problems with his voice and to see if he can perform. Then when band came out to perform it was officially announced Mark would not perform."

Set list last night

Another fan at the show online said, "Wasn't bad...but disappointing."

Nine songs instead of full set

Yet another fan online said. "it still rocked"

Moshpit reporting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Photos by Orlando Moshpit Oct 16 2022

The Metal Voice wishes Mark all the best and a quick recovery

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