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Singer Marc Lopes Recalls His Experience Playing with Ex Judas Priest K.K. Downing at Bloodstock 201

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke with Marc Lopes front man for Let Us Prey and the Ross The Boss Band. Lopes talked about Let Us Prey's new album 'Virtues of the Vicious' which will be released July 24 2020 and playing with former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing at Bloodstock 2019

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Tell me abut your experience playing with K.K. Downing with the Ross The Boss band doing a Priest set at Bloodstock 2019

"To keep it simple some of the highlighted moments, when we went to rehearsals and we walk into the Steel Mill (K.K.'s bar) and there is K.K. hanging out near his amp (speechless). We got right into business. It was weird like I have been watching this guy on MTV since I was a little kid, holy crap. We were rehearing and suddenly we break into, Heading out to the highway and I look at Mike Lepond (Bassist) and both of us at each other at the same time, we just died and said dude it sounds just like the record. We both were like freaking out I was actually like I can't even believe I was going to sing this song with the guy who co-wrote the song. Then when we played Bloodstock together I remember we had a 40 minute set of Ross The Boss tunes and you got to remember we have been doing this set for three years. It was awesome but I was anxiously awaiting to get to the Judas Priest songs, I was so nervous thinking I can't screw up cause the whole world is watching, If I Fuck things up I am done, career killer, done. That is all I was thinking for 40 minutes during the Ross set to the point where I screwed up a Manowar song. So then we started playing the Priest songs and there was Ross on one side and K.K. on the other side and two of my childhood heroes that I am playing on stage with, I got chills. Who gets to do that I am the luckiest person in the world. "

Let Us Prey 'Virtues of the Vicious'

Jimmy Kay and Marc Lopes at The Metal Hall of Fame

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