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Primal Fear 'Metal Commando' Album Review "Consistent Music, Stellar Performances"

By Milwaukee Tom. Album to be released July 24 2020 on Nuclear Blast Records

Well, they’ve done it again. Primal Fear has come up with another very good album. “Metal Commando” is the band’s 13th studio album, with a release date of July 24th, 2020. The album is produced by Bassist Mat Sinner, and mixed by Jacob Hansen, a production/mixing team that has now done the last few Primal Fear albums. The sound quality is excellent, Primal Fear albums always have a top notch sound to them.

Metal Commando is the 1st album with new drummer Michael Ehre. (Gamma Ray) Michael is a technically gifted player, and he does a fine job on the album. He’s a precision drummer, and it shows. The remainder of the band is Ralf Scheepers on Vocals, Mat Sinner, Bass & Backing Vocals, Tom Naumann, Alex Beyrodt and Magnus Karlsson on Guitars. Yes, three guitarists!

So on to the album. Metal Commando has 11 total Tracks, with most songs being mid to up tempo. “Infinity” is an epic 13 minute song (closer) with time changes, a catchy hook and great guitar work. The band also has a ballad on this album, “I Will Be Gone.” It’s an acoustic ballad in every sense of the word, and really features Ralf’s vocals. Ralf Scheepers is one of the best singers in Metal, and can still hit those very high notes, as he does in several spots on this album. But this album rocks out hard and heavy. Tracks like “ Along Came the Devil,“Halo,” and “The Lost & The Forgotten” kick it into high gear and shows that Primal Fear is one of the very best Metal bands on the planet. They have a way of creating melodies and choruses that appeal to the ear, and combine that with their heaviness. It’s a great combination.

“Metal Commando” is another very good Primal Fear album. They consistently put out great metal music, and all the band members turn in stellar performances. You know you’re going to get high quality metal with Primal Fear. Well done, guys.

Band Photo Nuclear Blast

Pics by Heiko Roith

Rating: 8 out of 10.


1. I Am Alive 4:34

2. Along Came The Devil 4:21

3. Halo 4:19

4. Hear Me Calling 4:39

5. The Lost & The Forgotten 4:08

6. My Name Is Fear 4:04

7. I Will Be Gone 4:26

8. Raise Your Fists 3:52

9. Howl Of The Banshee 4:54

10. Afterlife 4:29

11. Infinity 13:12

Bonus CD (Ltd. Edition 2-CD Digipak) 12. Rising Fear 13. Leave Me Alone 14. Second To None 15. Crucify Me

PRIMAL FEAR is: Ralf Scheepers | vocals Mat Sinner | bass, vocals Alex Beyrodt | guitars Tom Naumann | guitars Magnus Karlsson | guitars Michael Ehré | drums


The album will be available as a 2 CD-Digipack, 2LP and as an exclusive Mailorder-Box. Pre-order the album physically here:

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