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DESTRUCTION - Performing Live during Corona Times Documentary, WATCH

Watch a short Destruction documentary on the band playing in Switzerland with Corona virus policies in place and the new reality

Watch here

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to bassist Vocalist Schmier of the German Thrash band Destruction on June 16 2020 via Zoom. Schmier spoke about their new live album Born to Thrash, Drive-in concerts, Lockdown and band news.

Watch here

Tell me about your new live album 'Born to Thrash'

"The album was a spontaneous release, we did it because of Corona. It was important that we could bring out the album immediately, which we did with the streaming digital release. The physical takes time, it takes up to 3 months to produce, vinyl nowadays and will be coming out in about 4 weeks from now. "

Destruction is one of the first bands to play a social distancing show in Switzerland, tell me about this upcoming show and what will it be like

"I don't know, this will be one of the first concert like this we have ever done. Actually there is a security outline from the government (Switzerland), you can only have a maximum of 40% of the capacity of the club. The club we are playing holds 1200 people but they will only allow 300 people so there will be enough space. This is the first trial of shows and we will see how it goes. We are the first international band that will play Switzerland, it will be weird, it will be different but we have to start at one point but it's also exciting at the same time. "

When asked his opinion about government allowing protesters on the streets in large numbers but not allowing bands to play in clubs

"I understand the need for people to protest but our whole industry is on hold for the last few months. Everyone has been sitting home for 3 months now and it feels wrong that thousands might go out there and spread the virus again. On the other hand some experts are saying we need the immunity of the masses (Herd Immunity), I guess slowly step by step we will get there.

"This is the first time something like this has happened and we try to take care of everyone in the world and I understand we had to take some cautions but maybe to lockdown for three months was a little long but on the other hand if thousands had been hospitalized all around the world at the same time it would have been total chaos. I think it is important that the our governments and the rich people are helping the world to come back. We have to help each other now, it can only happen when those who have a lot give a little more of what they have to the people who are poor. That is the only concept that is going to work to bring the world back. The poor countries and the poorest people in the world will suffer hardest from this."

Due to the Political and socials climate and inspiration will Destruction be writing new music

"I am always inspired but at the moment I am not really inspired to write because we wrote and released a new album not so long ago (Born to Perish) However we will start writing this summer because we will be bored because we won't have all these festivals to play this summer. I don't see us having an album next year because all the bands are writing at the moment and there will be an overflow of Corona Records next year, Who is going to buy all this music? People won't have no more money. "

What do you think about the concept of Drive-in Concerts

"No No No I am not playing for cars, it feels wrong, if this is the last resort to play live shows to cars I might think about it, at the moment no way. it is not working for Metal, metal people have to move and want to feel the bass. These auto concerts the music is on your radio, on your stereo on your car there is no PA system. It's not a live impression, you sit in your car. I understand people are doing this now because they are desperate but not for Destruction we had the offer but I don't want to rip my fans off with Shit like this."

Photos Nuclear Blast

Band Photo credit: Liné Hammett

Fantastic news for all DESTRUCTION fans and live music lovers: Since some country's already eased the strict restrictions around live events, there's a light on the horizon for limited capacity live shows in Europe. After negotiations with the famous Z7 club in Pratteln/Switzerland, DESTRUCTION is happy to announce their first show on July 4th, together with POLTERGEIST and another support, to be announced soon.

Tickets are very limited due to governmental restrictions. Get yours here:

Get your copy of Born To Thrash - Live In Germany here:

Born To Thrash – Live In Germany tracklist: 1. Curse The Gods 2. Nailed To The Cross 3. Born To Perish 4. Mad Butcher 5. Life Without Sense 6. Betrayal 7. Total Desaster 8. The Butcher Strikes Back 9. Thrash Till Death 10. Bestial Invasion

All Photos by Nuclear Blast

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