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Awaken's Singer talks Surviving Covid 19,"You don't realize how powerful it is until yo

For The Metal Voice Kenny Kessel talks to singer of Awaken Glenn DeGrossa about their new album Out of the Shadows (double album, Pure Steel Records), new live video/cd, new music video 'Spider Dreams' and surviving Covid19.

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Glemm DeGrossa told The Metal Voice about his experience surviving Covid19, "I got the virus in Mid and i was rushed to the hospital on March 20. I was in the ICU for six days and then I was in the hospital for 16 days with double pneumonia, Covid19 positive. The Covid thing was scary and you don't realize how powerful the virus is until you have it and you start seeing what is going on. It's not a joke. I worked hard in the hospital, I did what they told me and I just did not want it to take hold of me, so I fought to get out. "

Awaken 'Out of the Shadows' via Pure Steel Records

The 2nd Epic release From Prog Metal Giants AWAKEN. This Musical Masterpiece takes you through 80+ minutes of Epic Prog and Cinematic Metal Journey. Out of the Shadows is masterfully written and performed. With the CD comes a 16 page eye catching color booklet with lyrics to immerse you, Awaken leaves no stone unturned.

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Awaken is: Glenn DaGrossa - Vocals Eddie Jucius - Bass Mike Marrone - Drums Andrew Colyer - Keyboard

Special Guests

Eric Gillette - Guitar

Gumbi Ortiz - Percussion

Pat Reilly - Guitar

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