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Dee Snider-Twisted Sister Was a Metal Band Before We Became Recognized As This Anthem Pop Metal&quot

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon of The Metal Voice recently spoke to Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) about him new live album called 'For The Love of Metal Live' which will be available on DVD/Blu-Ray, CD , on July 31, 2020 via Napalm Records.

Watch full interview here

Photo credit: (Promo, horizontal): Stephanie Cabral (Live, vertical): John Raptis

Cover Photo- Kenny Kessel

When asked about the new bonus studio track on the album "In this day and age everybody is trying to sweeten the package to get people to try and buy the product. So they (The record company) asked if we had an outtakes from the album For The Love Of Metal and we did not. So I said we can write something and record. 'So Prove Me Wrong' is a single to people that this is Dee Snider's sound now. This is the direction I am in and staying in. It is very much in the vain of 'For The Love Of Metal' (album) and anything you hear from me moving forward will be that heavy." When asked if Dee is angrier these days "I will tell you something that I have never told anybody except my wife. I am blessed , I believe I am happy ,I have success and financial well being. I have all the things people dream of and everything I have dreamed of. Yet anytime I look in the mirror I give the middle finger and I am not sure if I am giving the middle finger to myself or to the world in the privacy of my own moment. But I do think I have a well of anger with me. I feel that it has always been very difficult for me to get things done. Nothing I have ever done has come easy and people say it must be so satisfying and it is. But Damn I would like something to go easy once. I would like someone to say yes and not have a friggin battle with everything I try to do and I mean everything, even my kids. I think there is a well hidden of anger still in there and you are hearing it." When asked about the revamped of the classic Twisted Sister songs "Twisted Sister was a metal band before we became recognized as this Anthem Pop Metal Hair band. We were in the trenches in Europe touring with Motorhead, Saxon Iron Maiden, there was no Hair Metal there wasn't anybody else was wearing makeup. We were a metal band but I had this love of AC/DC, Slade kind of anthemic rock songs. But in our heart we were a metal band, especially in my heart. On this new live album the older songs are metal but now more metalisized after my new band lays into them. I really wanted to connect the dots for people, here is what I am doing today, here is what I was doing then and they are not so far removed. Twisted Sister was a glitter band which was formed in 1973, that is the Alice Cooper days, David Bowie Days, T-Rex, New York Dolls and that was their inspiration. I joined in 1976 when that glitter era was over and metal was starting to come a thing and I loved glitter rock but I also loved metal. So when i joined i brought in my love for both those things and that is what became Twisted Sister and defined as Hair Metal sound. But at my core and at my heart, I'm a metalhead I have always been from day one. Day one first Black Sabbath album, day one first grand Funk album, day one first Led Zeppelin album and so on... I was there at the birth of Heavy metal and the death of the Woodstock nation and I helped swing a sledgehammer to destroy it," When asked how censorship has changed since the PRMC days "We felt like we were winning in some ways but it went more underground, it's still there the manipulation of what we see and what we hear. The Politically correct nation. A film like 'Blazing Saddles' could not be made today because it would offend too many people. Conservatism was ultra right back in the 80's and now it's shifted towards the left. We have the liberals saying oh no you can't say that. So yes censorship is still around, still an issue we just got to continue to push back." Tracklisting: 1. Lies Are A Business Live 2. Tomorrow's No Concern Live 3. You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll Live 4. The Beast Live 5. American Made Live 6. Under The Blade Live 7. The Kids Are Back Live 8. Become The Storm Live 9. We're Not Gonna Take It Live 10. I Am The Hurricane Live 11. Burn In Hell Live 12. I Wanna Rock Live 13. For The Love Of Metal Live 14. Highway To Hell Live (AC/DC Cover Song) 15. Ready To Fall Live (Bonus Track) 16. The Fire Still Burns Live (Bonus Track) 17. Roll Over You Live (Bonus Track) 18. Prove Me Wrong Release Date: July 31, 2020

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