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Exciter Has an Albums worth of Songs ready to be shopped around For Record Deal

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Exciter's bassist Allan Johnson and guitarist Daniel Dekay via Zoom. The two Exciter bandmates gave an update on Exciter's new album that is in the works.

Photo: Laura Collins-Music Photography

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What stage are you at in regards to the new album?

"We are at the demo stages still, I know it seems like a long time since we last talked about it but we made a lot of progress since. We have demos of the new songs. These new songs really sound like old school aggressive, second album (Violence and Force) Exciter. Even with the scratch guitar Al did on the demos, I could really get what he was going for with the high frequencies and stuff. The songs do sound like old school and Dan Beehler sounds awesome with off rhythm stuff which I always loved about Exciter. It's not always about 4 on the floor, there is a lot of groove and there is a lot of feel. There are no drum clicks, this is not a band that is recording with clicks, it's totally off of feel. It's crazy they are are recording the drums off of tape. We are doing everything old school."

How many songs have been completed

"Dan and Al have well over an albums worth of songs written. We are shopping around a chunk of songs to try and find a home for the album. Trying to find the right home for it. These songs are completed pre-production songs. Proper recordings will be done once we get the right label. We are trying to take the approach, it has been this long since we released an album we may as well do it right. "

EXCITER's current lineup includes Daniel Dekay, who replaced original guitarist John Ricci last fall.

EXCITER bassist Allan Johnson told The Metal Voice that Ricci's exit from the band was "still somewhat of a mystery… He didn't give a solid reason why," he said. "I don't know what he meant by 'fed up,' but he said he was fed up. I confirmed with him. I said, 'Are you sure about this?' And he said, 'Yeah, I'm definitely out.'"

Ricci previousy left EXCITER in 1985 following the release of the band's first three classic albums — "Heavy Metal Maniac" (1983), "Violence & Force" (1984) and "Long Live the Loud" (1985).

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