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Jeff Scott Soto Talks Sons of Apollo Postponed Tour, Malmsteen Era, Journey & Covid19 Lockdown

Sons of Apollo frontman Jeff Scott Soto joined Jimmy Kay on The Metal Voice Facebook live via Skype from his home on April 1 2020. Soto discussed the Covid19 lockdown in L.A., his time with Yngwie Malmsteen and Journey, as well as his future musical plans with Sons of Apollo and his solo projects.

Watch here complete interview here

What is the Covid19 situation like for you right now.?

"Nothing changed in my world, the only difference is I'm not stressed, I'm not pressured to finish what I am doing and what I am working on at home. Usually when I am on tour I barely have enough time to finish what I am working on musically. This time I don't have to worry about going anywhere and I can finish what I am working on. We got to stay at home, we got to stay safe and we have to be healthy. "

What happened in regards to Sons of Apollo having to postpone the Euro Tour while due to Codiv19?

"We were rehearsing for the first show in Germany when we got the news that Milan Italy would be closed down because the Covid19 outbreak. So they told us we are on lockdown for a week and we are going to play it by ear but we are not cancelling the shows. We got nervous but we found another replacement show somewhere in France and we were just taking it day by day. After the two first sold out shows in Europe we needed to make a decision cause we saw in Europe it was heating up and getting worse due to Covid19. We then realized it was spreading at a rapid rate and we might not only be prone to catching it, we might be prone to be put in an army hospital in quarantine and not being able to get home. And that's when we decided let's do the Denmark and Sweden dates and then let's go home. We felt bad but we did the right thing. I just want to make up those dates we had to postpone when this is all over because it sucks for the fans who were anticipating the shows."

Would you ever work with Yngwie Malmsteen again?

"The key word is WITH, I would do something WITH Yngwie I don't want to do something FOR Yngwie I have already done that. At this point in my life I worked hard to establish my own name and career. I value and I am humbled that I got started with Yngwie. I am very thankful and for that reason I will never say anything negative or bad about him again. I realize we are getting older and I want to leave this earth on friendly terms and make sure everybody is getting along. "

Tell me about your time with Journey?

"Steve Perry is one of my biggest influences. Journey is basically in my DNA. I could sing Journey songs when I was 14, 18, 22 , 32. It will always be part of me and you hear that influence in bands like W.E.T. Getting the Journey gig was beyond a dream come true. It sucked the way it ended. It sucks that I can't reel in the excitement and enjoyment in my time with the band by sharing photos or videos or a live DVD or something where I might have been a part of in their history. I just have a few YOUTUBE clips. "

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