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Ex Accept David Reece Release New Song 'Metal Voice, Watch Video Here

David Reece releases new song and lyric video called 'Metal Voice' off new album Cacophony of Souls which will be released on March 13th via El Puerto Record on Feb 14 2020.

Watch here

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice recently spoke to former Accept singer David Reece.

Reece spoke about the recording and musical direction of the new album Cacophony of Souls. Reece also floated the idea of supporting an Accept Fest that would include all former members similar to Michael Schenker Fest. Plus David Reece also weighed in on his opinion of Peter Baltes joining U.D.O. for Wacken 2020 and or another project.. Watch here

When asked about the making of this album "This time around I had an Ex-U.D.O. guitarist Andy Susemihl helping me write and arrange the album. Andy and I met in 1988 at Dieter Dierks Studios when he was working on U.D.O. Mean Machine Album. We got along, hung out and bonded. Fast forward to 2019 when I was a special guest on the U.D.O. tour for Steelfactory we met again and decided to work together on this new album."

When Asked about the musical direction off his new album Cacophony of Souls "I did a lot of studying on that U.D.O. tour, when you see UDO live there are song structures. tempos, certain choruses, things that they say that click with the audience. So I would make an effort to watch the U.D.O. band every night, just to absorb what was happening. My last album Resilient Heart did not have that punch, the album had more of a blues feel to it. And watching U.D.O. every night I wanted to get that vibe on my new album. The new album is a colourful album and it has a metal punch that was missing last time around. "

"To talk about a few tracks on the album, The song Metal Voice the first single is more of an anthem song a sort of crowd cheering song, again inspired by watching U.D.O. every night. The idea of the song Collective Anesthesia originated from my bassist Malte Frederik Burker who is Iron Maiden and Megadeth fanatic, so if you listen to that track all the elements of those two bands are there. The title track to the album Cacophony or Souls I wrote that song with Martin Frank who wrote with me on the Resilient Heart album, I basically wrote that song sitting on the toilet and it has a more metal melodic feel. The song Another Life, Another Time, which is ballad, the title was inspired by my wife on a plane ride and some beautiful guitar strumming and writing by Andy. " When asked about Peter Baltas rumours on joining Udo Dirkschneider on stage at Wacken 2020 "I know Udo is going to do perform the whole Metal Heart anniversary at Wacken 2020 and I just saw on the Internet that former Accept bassist Peter Baltes is in on that. It looks like Udo is doing Wacken with Peter Baltes and with former drummer/ guitarist Stephan Kaufmann as well. I saw these posts today on Facebook with Udo, Peter and Stephan along with a military guy because they have a military orchestra involved in that performance. I'm not really sure of all the details. Udo told me not to long ago that there will be special surprises and at this point I think it is pretty obvious it's Peter Baltes is that surprise and that's great. I also asked Udo are you going back to Accept for a reunion and of course I cant say what he said but he just told me he is really happy the way things are right now with U.D.O. and he is really successful."

When asked if he would be open to doing an Accept Fest similar to the Michael Schenker Fest with past singer and bandmates "Absolutely, even if I had to do like Schenker Fest 4-5 songs each singer, why not? You have this weird dynamic with my tenure with the band Accept. Fans either hate my guts or they love me. There are even some fans today that talk to me every day telling me Eat the Heat is their favorite Accept album. So if the power that be can set aside any animosity and all those silly things that are involved we can do this Accept Fest for the fans. And maybe at the end of the night, maybe we can all join together and do Balls to the Wall or something like that. It would be killer, it would be great for us and the fans."

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