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Kathy Rhoads-The Main Randy Rhoads Pieces are Still Missing from The Robbery

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Kathy Rhoads the sister of the late guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne Randy Rhoads at D'Argenzio's Wine Tasting Room at 1204 West Burbank Blvd. Burbank, California USA Watch HERE

Kathy Roads gave The Metal Voice a recap and an update on the Thanksgiving robbery at the school of Musoina which is owned and run by Kelle and Kathy Rhoads which showcased Randy Rhoads memorabilia. She said, "After the robbery the local news got hold of the story and came to the Wine Tasting Room in Burbank. They did a whole news report on TV at the same time Ozzy Osbourne put a $25,000 reward for the conviction of the criminals and the return of all the items that were stolen and that went viral. I can't tell you how heart felt that was." She continued," The next morning we get a call saying some items were found in a dumpster by two people. We suspect whoever stole the items panicked and got rid of the trivial stuff and kept main more valuable pieces, to throw everyone off their trail. The main Items that are still missing are Randy's first electrical guitar (Harmony Rocket early 1960's), the first release of the Randy Rhoads Marshall white stack, the Delores Rhoads (Mom) French horn plus many other stuff."

Kathy Rhoads concluded," it's an ongoing investigation I can't say too much but I can say right now there are no Musonia tours (stay tuned) as of yet, as we are a little guarded and cautious we need to get more security. Everyone is rooting for us, everyone is like how can anybody do this to Randy and our family? We have been so open, so honest , so giving when it comes to Randy legacy."

The robbery occurred Thanksgiving night (November 28 2019) at the Musonia School Of Music in North Hollywood, California, the school where Randy Rhoads famously taught guitar and which was run by Randy's late mother Delores. Following Randy's death 37 years ago, the school drew fans from all over the world as a place where the Rhoads family happily opened their hearts to share the life of Randy. Anyone with information regarding the theft, should reach out to Nick D'Argenzio, 818-281-7893 (phone) or e-mail:

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