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Kathy Rhoads Interview- Robbery of Randy Rhoads Items at Musonia & Ozzy $25,000 Reward

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Kathy Rhoads D'Argenzio the sister of legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads about the recent burglary of the Musoina School of music. Kathy spoke about the items that where taken that belonged to her mother Delores and Randy, as well as Ozzy Osbourne's recent $25,000 reward to catch the criminals.

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For information regarding the theft or return of these items please contact: Nick D’Argenzio Phone: 818-281-7893 E-Mail:

When asked about her initial reaction when she found out about the robbery

"I had a really heartbreak sad week, it's been really heartbreaking what has happened to our family, to my mom and to Randy, no words. When this first happened I could not believe it, I started crying. I was devastated, who would do this? We open our hearts to the fans, we love to keep our brothers legacy alive out there and now we feel so violated and it was such a brutal attack that when I went to Musonia I was just stunned at what they did to the place. "

When asked about the stolen items

"It was definitely a Randy Rhoads hit we believe a hundred percent they were looking for his guitars, I totally believe that. We tell people year after year after year for forty years we don't keep his stuff in her homes and at Musonia. So we thought you know this would never happen. I think they were looking for guitars but when they didn't find any they just cleaned out 40 years of history since had been Randy's gone, every picture The Osbournes have given us, every picture of Randy, 40 years of memorabilia and equipment. In terms of stolen equipment there was the amp head from Quiet Riot days, they stole Randy's first electric Harmony Rocket guitar probably about 1963. They stole a white Marshall head amp. I think they took either one or two, if anybody finds it,it was given to my mother after the company released it. There were so many instruments that were stolen. The trumpet that was stolen and let me tell you the history of it because this is probably one of the most devastating items stolen from us. In the Depression era my grandfather was a medical doctor in San Bernardino, that was his practice. Back then with the Great Depression people didn't have money to pay for medical services. So as a barter for medical services my grandfather was given this trumpet, then he gave it to my mom and the rest is musical history in the Rhoads family and that changed her life. That trumpet was a very significant trumpet because the company it came from in World War 2 the Nazi's bombed that company from France and so the company no longer exists. I remember my mom telling me when I was little about that trumpet, that there were silver coins used to melt down to make it, so that's a gut-wrenching loss."

"It's just unbelievable there's nothing left to show anybody, my brother Kelle did Musonia tours he did a phenomenal job on these tours he's fantastic at it, now what is he gonna do? There's nothing to show fans except a building that's empty it's so sad. They did not take pianos out of there I'm not gonna say every instruments is gone but our heart is gone from the Randy memorabilia my mother's trumpet. I forgot to mention a very historic French horn that was my mother's that was also taken. The Thieves just went down the hallways and took everything off the walls it was un-real."

When asked about Ozzy Osbournes $25,000 reward to catch the robbers

"I believe that he said and you can all look up it's on his Instagram, Facebook page which is like stunning to me, I mean I I just tear up when I think about what he's done helping this crime be solved. The $25,000 is to the return of stolen items and I believe and/or conviction of the criminals so either one. We've always had the highest admiration a good rapport with them both Ozzy and Sharon they were wonderful to my mother they treated her so well I've always respected and appreciated that all these years so our relationship with them it's good. I have to say this about Ozzy and Sharon they hold Randy and very high esteem they've always done that. I know this was very devastating to them as well and I appreciate that I really do it's very heartfelt, it's not phony, it's not fake. I've been in touch with the office management I had a very close relationship with them they let me know about this and that they were gonna do this and I needed to provide photos for it so that's what happened. They're very detailed photos on Ozzy Facebook page if anybody wants to see detailed photos. We've found some incredibly high professional quality photos as some of the key items that are missing not all of them we just decided to do the key items and in the last picture in the grand salon of Musonia pretty much everything in that whole photo is gone."

When asked about the good and dark side of fans of Randy

"You know 90% of the fans are amazing but there is always one twisted person."

When asked what the future is for Musonia

" I own it with my brother but Kelle runs it. The pride that I take in that building the history that it has, the memories I have growing up there and practically my second home as I said. We will go forward I will not stop this has to be preserved as a historical place and that's my mission. I'm not gonna let them win they're not going to destroy our spirit and my brother Randy's spirit and my mom this would have devastated my mother and by golly they're not gonna win. "

For information regarding the theft or return of these items please contact: Nick D’Argenzio Phone: 818-281-7893 E-Mail:

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