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Ozzy Osbourne “Straight to Hell" Track Review Reaction & Motley Crue Reunion Reaction

Jimmy Kay reviews the second single by Ozzy Osbourne new song “Straight to Hell” from the up and coming new album Ordinary Man due in early 2020.

Plus Jimmy comments on the Motley Crue Tour and reads fans comments about the reunion tour

Watch here

Listen Here to the new song

Ozzy's new studio album is tentatively due in January 2020

Ozzy has not released an all-new solo effort since 2010's "Scream", having spent the last few years touring with BLACK SABBATH in support of that band's "13" LP, as well as playing a number of solo shows. More recently, Osbourne has been recuperating at home after sustaining a bad neck injury resulting in the postponement of his solo tour.

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