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Blind Guardian 'Twilight Orchestra: Legacy Of The Dark Lands' Album Review

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon review the latest albums by Blind Guardian 'Twilight Orchestra: Legacy Of The Dark Lands' (November 8 2019 Nuclear Blast), Airbourne 'Boneshaker (Oct. 25.2019), and Eclipse's new album 'Paradigm' (Released October 11 2019)

Watch the Video Review here

Airbourne, ‘Boneshaker’ Track Listing 1. “Boneshaker” 2. “Burnout the Nitro” 3. “This is Our City” 4. “Sex To Go” 5. “Backseat Boogie” 6. “Blood in the Water” 7. “She Gives Me Hell” 8. “Switchblade Angel” 9. “Weapon of War” 10. “Rock ’n’ Roll For Life”

"The Legacy Of The Dark Lands" tracklist: 01. 1618 Ouverture 02. The Gathering 03. War Feeds War 04. Comets And Prophecies 05. Dark Cloud’s Rising 06. The Ritual 07. In The Underworld 08. A Secret Society 09. The Great Ordeal 10. Bez 11. In The Red Dwarf’s Tower 12. Into The Battle 13. Treason 14. Between The Realms 15. Point Of No Return 16. The White Horseman 17. Nephilim 18. Trial And Coronation 19. Harvester Of Souls 20. Conquest Is Over 21. This Storm 22. The Great Assault 23. Beyond The Wall 24. A New Beginning

"Paradigm" track listing:

01. Viva La Victoria 02. Mary Leigh 03. Blood Wants Blood 04. Shelter Me 05. United 06. Delirious 07. When The Winter Ends 08. .38 Or .44 09. Never Gonna Be Like You 10. The Masquerade 11. Take Me Home

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