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Grim Reaper's Steve Grimmett Talks Lyrics off New Album 'At The Gates'

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Steve Grimmett singer of Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper and guitarist Ian Nash in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on August 28 2019 at the Piranha Bar. Watch interview here

Grimmett spoke about the bands new album At the Gates, his post traumatic stress from losing his leg and the loss of his brother. As well as looks back at the recording of the Grim Reaper classic See You In Hell. When asked about some the lyrical content off the up and coming new Grim Reaper Album 'At the Gates' as well as the musical direction "The new album will be released the 11th of October 2019, I wrote 6 of the songs on the album and the other guys in the band wrote some too. This new album has been recorded the same way as the last one, old school. It's not the Grim Reaper sound as it used to be, this time it has a modern twist. The album is a lot more heavier, it branches out cause we have to grow and that was intentional. I think the next album we will branch out even more."

The meanings of the songs At the Gates- I had my leg amputated and I was very close to dying and that is what the song is about . Venom- It's about somebody who really pissed me off and who's got mental issues that they need to clear up . Knock at the Door- That's again knocking on the door or either heaven or hell and me being at the point were I was 24 hours from death. What lies beneath- It's about darkness, something dragging you down, a weight on you. Hand that rocks the cradle- its about your mom it's explaining that mother influence. Rush- The band wrote this one, I think its about being metal and doing what we do best. Only when I sleep- This is a resurrected song that we did on a Lionsheart album that slipped through the cracks and it was such a shame. It's about seeing yourself when you sleep outer body experience. Anxiety. Under the Hammer-It's about what life deals you and how you are always under the hammer for something' Shadow in the dark- Deep dark dreams and how they haunt you.

When asked about his current mental health state "My band has stepped in regarding songwriting when I couldn't produce the goods on helping to write this album. I have suffered quite badly with mental issues after losing my leg I got post traumatic stress disorder, that is still ongoing and nearly a year ago I lost my brother and that put my in a downward spiral and I have been suffering quiet a bit since. I have been to counselling to help out which has helped out cause I would't have been able to be here if it didn't."

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