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Ghost 'Tobias Forge'- I can see myself doing a concept rock opera in the future

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Ghost Singer Tobias Forge also known as Cardinal Copia at this years Heavy Montreal July 27 2019. Tobias spoke about the transition from being anonymous with make-up, to being unmasked, his singing influence and a potential concept album in the future. Watch interview here

When asked about the transition from masked to unmasked "I didn't feel like I was an unrecognized person before. I don't feel like it was a night and day because it has been so gradual over all these years. I have also spent many hours standing behind venues talking to fans. I don't feel like there is a major difference."

When asked about his vocal influences "I have a lot of vocal heroes and Heroine that might not be super evident in my singing. Some of my influences are female. I love Tori Amos, I spent a lot of time listening to her and imitating her, even Debbie Harris. A lot of punk rock. Pink Floyd as well specifically David Gilmour would have been the one I imitate the most. Bad Religion. a lot of the vocal harmonies and my way of phrasing is very Bad Religion inspired."

When asked if he ever thought of doing a full blown concept album in the future "The next album will be more thematically, the same vain as the previous one 'Prequelle'. But I can definitely see doing a concept like a rock opera in the future. If I ever make a Rock Opera it would probably won't be a rock record but more like classical. like the stuff you would hear in a musical, more score."

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