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The Rods “The Brotherhood of Metal” Album Review

The Rods are back with the release of their new album, “The Brotherhood of Metal,” on June 7 2019, via Steamhammer/SPV. Their 1st since 2011’s “Vengeance.”

By Milwaukee Tom / Speed Review

The Rods consist of David “Rock” Feinstein on guitars and lead vocals, Carl Canedy on Drums and Garry Bordonaro on bass. All 3 musicians are top flight players, having played together as a unit since the early 80’s. David as you may already know is the cousin of the great Ronnie James Dio, and they played together in the band Elf.

So on to The Brotherhood of Metal album. It’s a top notch, classic straight ahead Metal album, typical of The Rods’ style of composing and arranging songs. Some of the lyrics touch on subjects such as the relationship metal people have with metal music - and each other, a biker themed song and even a song that speaks of the history to the present day, of the band itself. All 3 guys put in excellent performances, and it results with the individual songs fitting together very well to make a complete album, it’s consistently very good. There are no ballads, it’s an album with primarily mid to up-tempo tracks. (There are 2 songs on the album that were on one of Feinstein’s solo albums, Bitten by the Beast, “Smoke on the Horizon” and “Evil in Me.” Both are good songs that are pretty similar to their original release.)

There’s a presence of an organ/keyboards on multiple songs on this album, but not over done, nor does it take away from this being a quality metal album. It’s very much on par with the aforementioned “Vengeance,” and quite possibly even better! This is a very good album that sounds better with each listen.

A solid 8 out of 10 rating.

Track listing:

01. Brotherhood Of Metal (7:28) 02. Everybody's Rockin' (3:57) 03. Smoke On The Horizon (4:47) 04. Louder Than Loud (4:15) 05. Tyrant King (4:38) 06. Party All Night (2:49) 07. Tonight We Ride (4:40) 08. 1982 (5:16) 09. Hell On Earth (4:20) 10. The Devil Made Me Do It (3:54) 11. Evil In Me (6:26)

"Brotherhood Of Metal" will be released as a CD digipak, 2LP gatefold (incl bonus track "Crank It Up (35 Years)"), as a digital download and via stream music services.

THE RODS "Louder Than Loud" (Official Lyric Video)

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