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Vinny Appice-Upcoming Mob Rules Live Tour playing Black Sabbath Dio songs in Europe

Neil Turbin from The Metal Voice spoke to Vinny Appice and Jimmy Kay interviewed Saxon's Nigel Glockler at this years Hall of Heavy Metal History Gala on Jan 23 2019

Vinny Appice On upcoming Mob Rules Live Tour in Europe "I'm going to Europe to do this Mob Rules Live tour, which I did last year and was very successful. I am playing with a killer band from Italy, we do all the Black Sabbath songs of the Dio era and some Dio songs, people just love it. Nobody else is out there playing them, someone's got to play them." On touring with Last in Line "The New album is coming out Feb 22 2019 and we will be touring until almost the end of MAY 2019. We are actually doing a show with Def Leppard in a festival in England and Vivian Campbell will be playing with both bands that night. "

Plus Nigel Glockler drummer of Saxon talks Monsters of Rock, Us tour and the Eagle has landed Live album

Chuck Billy-Testament writing New Album- Doro to record Warlock Live Album

Wendy Dio Interview- Dio Documentary in the works & Hologram update

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