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Testament New Album to be released July 2019- Chuck Billy

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Chuck Billy of Testament and Doro Pesch at the Hall of Heavy Metal History Gala on Jan 23 2019 Watch here

Chuck Billy told The Metal Voice, " The Testament tour is done and the band has started to write a new record. We hope to get into the studio by April and get the new album out by July 2019. We don't know yet what the musical direction will sound like, until we have the songs completed. Up until now the new material does not resembles any of the last songs we have written in the past . Right now I have about 8 songs that are totally different. Once you write over 100 songs you have to ask yourself how do I get more creative and do something different and that is where we are at. "

Testament was inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History June 23 2019

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