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Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper New Album Feb. 2019, Live album & Classic Re-Recordings

Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper New Studio album Feb. 19 2018, plus Live album & Classic Re-Recordings

Jimmy Kay From Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to vocalist Steve Grimmett, from Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper on October 1 2018 at the Piranha Bar in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on their North American tour. Grimmett spoke about the release date of the new Studio album, recording a live album in Paris France, re-recording the classic songs, his upcoming book, as well as touring with his handicap. When asked about the release date of their new studio album "We have a date of February 19, 2019, (original date was in October 2018) we had to move the date forward because we could not deliver the album on time and neither could the record label. February 19 will gives us a little bit more time to get things done. We have recorded all the guitars, all the drums I have started the vocals, when we get back from the tour I will be doing vocals and bass. it should be done in the next month." When asked about the musical direction of the new album compared to the last one "It's in a similar vein as the last album but we are branching out, slightly, still heavy, probably slightly heavier in some songs but then you got, typical Grim Reaper stuff in their too." When asked about recording a live album in France at the British Steel Festival "After we finish a few Canadian gigs we are going to Paris to do a show there called the British Steel Festival and there we will be recording a live album and also recording in a few other cities afterwards. We are also thinking of re-recording our favorites songs off the first three Grim Reaper albums." When asked about writing a book about his whole experience losing his leg in Ecuador "The Book will be about the struggle with my handicap and there will be some sex drugs and rock and roll. But it will be mainly about what I have been through in the past year and a half."

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