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Primal Fear “Apocalypse” Album Review

Primal Fear has released their 12th studio album, “Apocalypse” on August 10th, 2018 on Frontiers Music Srl

Review by Milwaukee Tom

I’m reviewing the Limited Edition CD + DVD. It has 3 bonus songs, and the DVD consists of 2 videos for the songs, “King of Madness” and “The Ritual.” It also has a “Making of” this album segment. There are 13 songs on this album, and the opener is a shorter “Intro” instrumental piece. The bonus songs are not filler songs, they are decent songs. Actually there aren’t any “filler” songs on this album at all.

This is an excellent album! It has everything. It has songs that are fast, on the slower side, mid paced and great melodies. The lyrics are a good fit for a metal band like Primal Fear. And you won’t be preached to with any political statements with this album, which is very refreshing, straight ahead, metal lyrics. Just a very well balanced album, it will keep your attention all the way through. The production and sound is very good. Good volume levels, clear sounding. But definitely not “over produced.”

The musicianship is top level. The vocal performance by Ralf Scheepers is fantastic, singing with power & passion, and still hitting and sustaining the high notes. He is truly a great vocalist.

The guitar work on this album is by Tom Naumann, Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt. Yes, you read that correct, 3 lead guitar players in this band. Magnus Karlsson plays on the album as well as contributes on the writing & arranging of the songs. Currently, he does not usually tour with the band, but he is definitely a member of Primal Fear. They combine together on some of the lead solos and of course take the solo leads by themselves. There is a lot of guitar on this album!

The rhythm section… Mat Sinner lays down great bass lines throughout the entire album; he provides a great foundation for the band as well as harmonizes with backing vocals. The drumming by Francesco Jovino is thunderous, precise and loud. You can feel his bass drums when you play this album. He plays with so much power and passion… he is the modern day Cozy Powell!

Primal Fear’s Apocalypse album is an excellent album. It’s in a long line of great efforts by this band. They have put themselves with the likes of Priest, Maiden, Saxon… they are right there with the best. This Metal Commando keeps rolling. Buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 8.75 (out of 10)

Lead Vocals: Ralf Scheepers

Lead Guitars: Tom Naumann

Lead Guitars & Keyboards: Magnus Karlsson

Lead Guitars: Alex Beyrodt

Bass & Backing Vocals: Mat Sinner

Drums: Francesco Jovino

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