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Shawn Drover-Dave Ellefson & Dave Mustaine reunited in Megadeth from a text I sent

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke Act of Defiance ex Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover. Drover talked about his time in Megadeth, his current tour and new Act of Defiance record Old Scars, New Wounds.

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When asked if it was a text from him who got Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson to reunite together in 2010 "Yes it was me. Megadeth was in a situation where we were going to go on the 20th anniversary of Rust in Peace and we were without a bass player. I said if we were going to do that tour it would be smart for the band to get David Ellefson back even if it was just for that tour. That was the mindset I took when I contacted Dave Ellefson and I asked him what do you think about possibly coming on board to do this tour, it was just an American tour at that time for a month. he was open to it. I prsented that to Dave Mustaine and they haggled out all the stuff they had in the past and a day later he was down the street rehearsing." When asked about his feelings towards Megadeth Super Colider today as it had mixed reviews by the fans "That is subjective, I have nothing bad to say about it with those guys in Megadeth, it was perhaps a different musical avenue. I am always an advocate for the heavier stuff it's no secret but I like all kinds of music. The album wasn't as well received as the other records but it is what it is. I don't really have anything bad to say about the album, it's not my favorite record but that doesn't mean I hate it either. " When asked with the mixed reviews on Megadeth's Super Colider, was that one contributing factor why he left the band "No not really, I just wanted to do my own thing and so did Chris Broderick so we decided to join forces and start a new musical endeavour, it's as simple as that I wish I had some sort of scandalous story to tell you but I don't." When asked what is next for Act of Defiance "Keep on touring, we are going to go well into next year in support of our new album Old Scars, New wounds and then we will start coming up with a game plan to writing the next record, putting it out and touring all over again. It's the only way, you have to go old school, you got to go out there and grind it out. The bands who are really committed to doing this are the bands you will survive at the end of the day. "

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