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Exciter, Razor & Night Demon Interviews at Los Angeles StrikeFest

For The Metal Voice former singer of Anthrax Neil Turbin was at the Los Angeles Strikefest at the Regent Theater on June 23 interviewing Night Demon, Canadian Thrashers Razor and reuniting with former touring Canada's Exciter after 35 years who used to tour with Anthrax in their Turbin era WATCH HERE

Exciter When asked Exciter about their upcoming studio album ( note-Exciter and Neil Turbin with Anthrax toured together in 1983 and haven't seen each other in 35 years) "We are in pre-production of the new album and we are just writing the tail end of it." - Dan Beehler "There are so many ideas we talk all the time, we bounce ideas off each other, we are constantly throwing ideas at each other , we just want to make sure it;s a great album."- Allan Johnson "The upcoming album has got to match the first three Exciter albums and we don't want to rush it." - Dan Beehler When asked about reuniting the original lineup after so many years "We started to realize all around the world so many happy Exciter fans and that it was way bigger than the three of us. Exciter has made so many people happy in the past couple of years a lot of people didn't think it was going to happen, including us. We are having a great time meeting everyone everywhere we go, coming back after 30 years it was like it was yesterday." - Dan Beehler "Dan is the guy who dragged me in. I didn't do anything music wise in the 90's, Heavy Metal to me kind of died out back then. In 2002 I met up with Dan and he played me his Beehler demos and I was blown away, I said this is the best stuff you have done and I want in. I was telling John Ricci (Guitarist) it's more fun now then it was in the 80's. We are really having fun. Who gets to do this? There is no ego, everything is so cool now. " - Allan Johnson

Razor When asked guitarist Dave Carlo of Razor about their upcoming Studio Album "Music is done, the lyrics are in progress, the recording is going to take place in October 2018 and we have a couple of guests that are going to be on our album. I can't say who they are right now but they are big surprises that are going to appear on bonus tracks. To get the guest we needed to adjust to their schedule. It's not going to really affect the timeline, the new Razor record should be out early 2019. The album is going to be relentless and well executed metal."

Night Demon When asked Jarvis Leatherby about any news on the next Night Demon album "Space and Time can be the concept. All of our albums have started out as concept albums, we have always had an underlining theme I am just obsessed with concept albums. There are so many concepts we have tried to do in the past but I don't know if its a financial reason or just having the time but they have never really been seen through 100%. We don't have a time frame for the next studio album and it sucks. I do have working titles for the next album but I can't even talk about it. We have a song called SHIT SHOW but it's a working title. "

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