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Flotsam & Jetsam-Talk Upcoming Album, lyrics & Musical direction

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to vocalist Eric AK Knutson and guitarist Michael Gilbert from Flotsam and Jetsam. The two spoke about the making of their new upcoming studio album The End of Chaos, The music industry today, Cookie Monster vocals and Thrash Music today.

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When asked about the musical direction of the new upcoming studio album The End of Chaos Eric- "This sounds like a little more up to date, extension of the last album. There is a little bit of everything on it. There is a lot of vocals and there is so much guitar work on this record, it's kind of nice, as the riffs runs in and out of the melodies. " Michael-" Yeah there is a lot of guitar me and Steve Conley (guitarist) battle it out. Steve records his stuff at his house and I record at my house and there is a little bit of a competition to try and match what each other is trying to do. It's a little bit of a competition, we push each other. I also can't wait for everyone to hear what AK did on this album it's frigin badass." When asked if the lyrical ideas on the New album will include any political overtones Eric- "There are a lot of little stabs at things. Nothing really direct or particular about anything but if you are a Trump hater you can find stuff in there, if you are a Trump lover you can find stuff in there. There are little stabs with all kinds of political stuff in their but nothing about what we believe in, it's all open to interpretation. A lot of times the band sends me a song with a title and sometimes I run with that title other times I don't. I like to have full songs written so I can hear melodies in my head. Once the vocal melody is there then that stars sparking the lyrical ideas for me." When asked how many song ideas did they originally have for the new album Michael- "I think Steve had maybe 25 ideas and I think I had 27 and we kept sending Ideas to Eric." When asked about more details about the new album Eric- "The new album will be released November 9 2018, there are a lot of singles on this record, were still fighting over song order. We are putting 12 songs on the record, 13 on the box set and one more for Japan. So there is 14 good tunes that we really nailed down."

Michael Gilbert, Cameraman Chaosstar, Jimmy Kay and Eric AK Knutson

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