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Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest) & Simon Wright (AC/DC) talk New Dio Disciples Album

For The Metal Voice former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin spoke to Dio Disciples singer Tim 'Ripper' Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth) and drummer Simon Wright (Ex AC/DC) at the 4th Annual Ride for Ronnie on May 6 2018 at Encino Park California. The two spoke about the new Dio Disciple album, their relationship with Ronnie and their thoughts on Axl Rose singing and recording with AC/DC. WATCH HERE

When asked about the upcoming first Dio Disciple Studio album Ripper -"When started doing the Dio Disciples we did it to celebrate Ronnie James Dio that was the main idea and it kind of spawned off onto try and do a record. Craig Goldy's Wheels are always turning to write material. Wendy said it was a great idea, then Wendy started to shop the idea to people. We have already worked on 4-5 songs. It's exciting for us to do it cause people wanted us to do our own music." Simon- "Ronnie will always be with us in spirit and we will see what comes out so far the music is sounding really good. We all have different influences hopefully it's going to be this big mish-mash of everything (Judas Priest, Dio , AC/DC). The songs that we have done also have a bit of originality in them." Ripper- "We are not making a Dio record. " When asked about their relationship with Ronnie James Dio over the years Ripper- "When Jugulator came out when I was in Judas Priest, Ronnie went out of his way to have me come back stage to meet him and to talk to him and he gave me his number. We became friends. Most people would treat me like shit back in the day because I came out of nowhere and was the singer of Judas Priest. Ronnie became my friend, he took me in and listened to me." When asked about their thoughts about Axl Rose possible singing on a new AC/DC studio album Simon- "A lot happened in a short period of time, knowing Angus I'm sure he wants to keep going. Angus has got Chris Slade, Stevie Young he might need to find a bass player. As far as singers it will probably be Axl, I really don't know." Ripper- I wasn't a fan of that at first but when I watch AC/DC with Axl Rose signing, I think that Axl looks like he is really enjoying it and that's the key. AC/DC has got a star who looks like he is a kid enjoying it and I think it's kind of cool. I would rather see Brian Johnson."

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