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Anvil- We're Usually The First From Canada To Do Everything When It Comes to Metal

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Anvil and the Anvil Wives, Lips and Virginia Kudlow and Rob and Jane Reiner at the Hall of Heavy Metal History as the band was being inducted on January 24 2018

When asking the Anvil Wives how the Anvil documentary THE STORY OF ANVIL 2008, changed their lives today Jane Reiner replied, "I have been around since the beginning I was there when they were called Lips, it's been over 40 years Rob and I have been married 31 years and for me the movie really put them over the top was a great documentaryit was real life. We are all still the same, still working, still being those supportive wives and I am happy for the boys and tonight is a big night they are finally being recognized." Virginia added," it hasn't really changed Lips is getting to do the touring thing full time as opposed to working maybe the biggest change is he is away more." Lip and Rob were asked how it felt to be Canadians inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History. Lips replied,"It's like being the only Canadians getting to play in China which we just did." Rob Reiner then added,"we're usually the first from Canada to do everything when it comes to Metal."

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