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Gary Holt- There will not be another Slayer Album

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice interviewed Gary Holt Guitarist of Slayer / Exodus at the Hall of Heavy Metal History where Holt was accepting the induction for Exodus. On the Red Carpet Holt was asked if there would be a final Slayer album, "No.. No there is no new album. I would say it's a no. My name is Gary No comment Holt today."

Watch Interview HERE

When asked about an update on the new Exodus album he said, "I have been writing the new Exodus material, I'm taking my time, I'm super proud of it, it's heavy of course, it's crushing, it's brutal, it's something else, it's something all together different. "

WATCH Riot, Anvil, Exodus, Billy Sheehan, Nick Menza Inductions & Red Carpet Hall Of Heavy Metal

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