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Billy Sheehan-Talks Hall of Heavy Metal Inductions, David Lee Roth, Sons of Apollo

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to (Sons of Apollo, Mr Big David Lee Roth) bassist Billy Sheehan on January 24 2018 at the Hall of Heavy Metal History where Sheehan was being inducted.


When asked by Jimmy Kay if would be open to reuniting with the original David Lee Roth lineup he said,"It's all up to Dave, if he decides to do it we are all ready to go and I would jump at it any minute. " He was then asked what is the greatest thing about David Lee Roth character. Sheehan replied,"Entertainment is in his DNA and he has always got something interesting to say, he really has enhanced my life incredibly. "

Anvil, Gary Holt, Hammerfall Riot- Live on the Red Carpet Interview- Hall of Heavy Metal History 2018

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