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Prophets of Rage Self-Titled Album Review 8.7/10

Release date 15 September 2017 Universal Music

Let’s get something straight, right off the bat this is not your traditional Metal band, so sit tight folks. For all you Metal Heads out there, the roots of Rock n Roll have always been about rebellion and this album screams rebellion. Metal has always stood at the cornerstone of freedom of speech and pushing the envelope in terms of cross over music and message. Remember Anthrax and Public Enemy! Or how The PRMC targeted mostly Metal Bands back in the 80’s for freedom of speech (oh yeah and John Denver was there too) metal has expanded, twisted and turned and this album falls into that category, somewhere. ( I think)

Enter Prophets Of Rage. This band consists of Rage Against The Machine band (, Tim Commerford, guitarist Tom Morello, and drummer Brad Wilk) two members of Public Enemy (DJ Lord and rapper Chuck D), and rapper B-Real of Cypress Hill. A formula of shear sonic firepower an evolution of all of their former bands. What you get here is lots of crossover music with multiple social messages, a combination of Nu Metal, Funk, Rap, Rock, Hip Hop and lots of anger and outcry. I dare to say this but I believe this album has more depth than RATM and Public Enemy put together.

The backing band delivers a wall of Rage Against The Machine sound that that help Chuck D and B-Real deliver their sermon. But let’s not forget about Tom Morello how he brilliantly cranks out his traditional quirky solos.

Stand out tracks Radical Eyes has that stop and go Doom RATM funky guitar with the hypnotic repetitive crunchy chorus, catchy and melodic. Unfuck the world carries more of a brutal punch, lyrics asking the people to stand up against the government but cleverly they don’t name names in the lyrics leaving it open to interpretation . Legalize me- Now the band is heading into a Jimi Hendrix territory with the lyrics aiming at legalizing pot. The song is simple easy and memorable. Living on the 110- Drops into a RATM style song, with a super catchy chorus and this time the lyrics are penned to living in poverty on the interstate 110 in California. Another killer track. Hail to the chief- Rap and metal with eerie soundscapes, once again the lyrics taking shots at the government, A type of songs that can be applied to any generation of oppression. Chuck D 's vocal and rap delivery just screams revolution, especially when he goes the chant of 666 666 666 Sucks this . Take me higher- Now the band is stepping into a funky vibe, the words talking about the use of Drones that have invaded our privacy with a Led Zeppelin lick in the middle of the song. The rest of the songs on the album follow the same vein as the songs just mentioned, not a bad track.

These are revolutionary musicians and one can argue maybe they go too far…. but at the end of the day it’s their commitment, experience and drive that makes the whole album work well. This album is addictive in terms of melody. I just can’t put it down

Power to people!

Track Listing

  1. Radical Eyes

  2. Hail To The Chief

  3. Unfuck The World

  4. Legalize Me

  5. Living On The 110

  6. The Counteroffensive

  7. Take Me Higher

  8. Strength In Numbers

  9. Who Owns Who

  10. Hands Up

  11. Smashit

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