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Ex-Iron Maiden Singer Blaze Bayley to release Live Album & DVD and book in 2019- TOUR REPORT WAT

Canada's The Metal Voice has produced a North American Tour Report in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley and his backing band Absolva. You can watch the Endure and Survive Tour Report below. WATCH HERE

When asked why this Canadian tour will be different from all the other tours he has done "I can bring my own band Absolva from Europe. They are a band in their own right and they have been working with me on the last four tours I have done. I have written songs with the guys, these are the men that have played on the first part of the Infinite Entanglement trilogy and thy Endure and Survive Album. Its great to bring the guys who played on the album. " When asked when the fans can expect the third part of the Infinite Entanglement trilogy Album

"On or around the 1st of March 2018. When we started and we looked at the first album and it was too much there to do one album. We thought it was not one big album, it's three albums because one of the songs you are going to hear on part three is something that we have ready for part 1. But when you looked at the lyrics and when you looked at the music and what it said this is where he is in part 3. And there was another song and this is where he is in part two, so it just makes sense. I'm very lucky I am the record company, I can actually say when the release date will be. So I thought, first of March 2016, March 2017 and March 2018 and we will do one album a year and it's really worked." "It's something as the idea came I was very excited about it and really pushed the thing to start it off and as it;s gone on and now I am being dragged along by the Infinite Entanglement idea and now it won't stop." When asked about the Infinite Entanglement story line "Part 1 really tells the story of the character discovering who he is. The character is selected for a mission to go into deep space to find a Kepler Earth like planet and investigate it. He is part of an eight person crew and what happens on this journey he finds out that he's not human. He doesn't know if he is human. Am I human? He has to ask himself. His consciousness has been downloaded into a machine body without him knowing and it's a special process and now is he machine or is he human? He thinks like a human, he feels like a human but how does he define himself ? This journey that he has begun last a thousand years because there is no faster than light travel, it's an impossibility. So he is on this ship that has to endure a journey of a thousand years and it's something unimaginable and that is the Endure part of the story. He starts to find out more about his character and has these terrible dreams, nightmares about him killing people and pulling them to pieces and he starts to discover that wasn't a dream at all, he was in a suggestive hypnotic state that has killed the other 7 members of the crew. And now the central computer of the ship itself is programmed to eliminate him, he has to survive this attempt to obliterate him. The only thing that reaches the new planet is genetically perfect human DNA selected by Dr Pembridge who started this whole thing and that is the survival part of it. " When asked about Part 3 of the Trilogy "Part 3 he have about seven songs that we think are good enough at the moment we have a little bit of time before we get to the main pre-production where we have flashes of inspiration. I'm working on the lyrics in my spare time. Part 3 we have the skeleton and now we have to find all the other bits. I have an idea where he will be at the end of the story. Then of course after we have this conclusion we tour everywhere again full world tour with part 3. At the end of that I'm going to do a live album DVD of the set list that we do on tour. After that the first of March 2019 I hope I will have my book complete because the trilogy is based on the book that I am writing as I go along. So you will have all the answers of the three albums, you will have the back story of the characters everything. " The 53-year-old Bayley, was the original frontman in WOLFSBANE, but left in 1994 to join MAIDEN and recorded two studio albums — 1995's "The X Factor" and 1998's "Virtual XI" Executive Producer. Editor & Camera Jimmy Kay Camera Orlando Rush Blaze Bayley Interviewer Power Play Magazine- Mark Hoaksey Absolva / Blaze Bayley Band Chris Appleton – guitars Karl Schramm – bass Martin McNee – drums

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