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Destruction Frontman-It's cheating fans to play backing tracks, If you cannot do it live, don&#3

For Canada's The Metal Voice former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin (Deathriders) interviewed Destruction Frontman Marcel Schmier in Los Angeles on June 11 2017

When asked about some lyrical themes off their New Album Under Attack "One song is about the backing track situation in playing live, a lot of bands go out there and don't play live anymore, they have backing track running through the vocals, through tape, it's fake. It's an important matter right now cause many fans don't know this. Fans go to the show and say hey you were so great tonight but it was playback, it's F**** cheating the fans to have playbacks, if you cannot do it live, don't do it." When asked when they will begin writing and recording a new album "We have learned last year that overworking new material is not good for the spirit and for the creativity, so we will start writing an album next year. We finish this tour, I think 2018 we start writing, then release 2019 or so, maybe earlier." When asked about giving advice to bands touring South America "I think the most important thing is you need to trust promoters and you need all the money upfront. Bands go down there, they don't get paid and they are stranded with no money, no flight tickets. The advice I can give is get your fees before you fly over or at least 50% of the money so you have something in your pocket to go back home."

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