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Queensryche aiming to enter Studio in Sept. 2017, plus Todd Latorre Solo Album & Demo Snippet

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Queensryche singer Todd LaTorre on a recent live stream. Todd told The Metal Voice about, how he got into the band, the directions of the new album, news about his upcoming solo album, a Queensryche Live Album, participating in the Reaper All Stars relief for Steve Grimmett and answered fan questions.

When asked about where Queensrych is in the writing process of their new album (44:00) "Right now we have around 15 songs not all of them are completed there are many that are. We just worked on arrangements. Right now we are in the tentative recording timeline is to get in the studio for September 2017, it was suppose to be March. As far as direction goes it's still premature to answer that, we have a song that Eddie Jackson wrote and its a total Beatlesish, it's a really cool song it's not a heavy song. I would say the stuff that's on there so far I think has more upbeat, more driving, faster tempo songs. I think Condition Human in Hindsight lacks that, it could have used a couple more faster songs. Out of all of the ideas there is more odd time signatures, a little more progressive. In some aspects there is definitely some Rage For Order reminiscent sounding songs. Once we get into full pre-production with Chris Harris then I will have a better answer for you. " When asked about Details on a Todd Latorre Solo Album 1:06.00 (Todd Plays a snippet of a rough demo at 1:08) "I have a life long friend names Craig Blackwell (did the mixing on the Metal Church Fake Healer duet), we played in bands together. I would says musically it is probably like Fight meets, meets Pantera, meets Black Label Society. It's definitely got that southern power groove but has thrash elements. Then vocally I'm singing a lot more chest voice, I've got some brutal gutter vocals on it. The album will be done on Rat Pack records (Todd Plays Song) that;s has got gutter vocals but will open up with more high Halford like singing, gritty. The original plan was to have it put out this year but looks more like a middle next year. Brutal more Thrash but the vocals more power metal operatic, very aggressive. " When asked about participating on the Reaper All Stars relief song for Steve Grimmett or Grim Reaper (1:17) "Rock you to Hell, it had that classic rocking groove. It used to come on all the time this video. I always found myself stopping and watching the video and song and I always loved it and loved Steve's voice. I was 14-15 years old and it left an impression on me, a good one and you fast forward to now I'm 43, these circumstances come to be and you go like wow I'm being asked to be part of something to benefit and help the singer that when I was a 14 year old kid I watched him on my TV. I looked up to these people. I found out he had his leg amputated. I was honoured to do anything on it I don't care if its signing background vocals. I hope to get to met Steve Grimmett in person one day, with gratitude and shake his hand and thank him for all of the decades of music and still out there doing it When asked if they will be doing a live record with Queensryche (1:36) After the next studio album we will put effort to do a live album QUEENSRŸCHE has tapped Chris "Zeuss" Harris to produce the band's new album, for Century Media. The CD is being recorded at Uberbeatz Studio in Washington.

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