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Annihilator 'Never Neverland' Album Review Retrospective-The Metal Voice

Released September 12, 1990 Annihilator's Second Album Never Neverland

First off main man Jeff Water's Guitars, production and musicianship are nothing but spectacular like most Annihilator albums as for the songs, well half great the other half sort of just short of really making an impact, perhaps even generic in some ways. Don't get me wrong, a good album but misses the mark, for me the biggest reason would be the lack of vocal talent which really brings the songs down and most probably why this album failed to make a global impact back in the day.

Singer number two Coburn Pharr replacing previous singer Randy Rampage both singers with similar limited vocal range but I found former singer Rampage had a more distinct tone to compensate. Coburn just sings like he doesn't mean it, very robotic approach, just an average baritone, no yelling, no highs no lows and zero ambition which drags the album down. What could have been a masterpiece wasn't too bad.

Still a fine album full of technical thrash and fun to listen to and worth the buy


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