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Steve Grimmett's Grim Reaper to Begin writing New Album & New Book on Tragic Health Experien

Jimmy Kay and Alan Dixon from Canada's The Metal Voice recently To Steve and Millie Grimmett in Swindon, England at Riff's Bar on April 1 2017 where there was a Charity benefit concert for the Grimmetts to help pay their health and recovery costs. The Metal Voice was also joined by Youtuber guest Razor Fist (The Rageaholic)

When asked how Steve Grimmett's recovery was coming along (11:50 mark)

"It's going really good, I'm in training now getting my new leg (prosthetic), which I should have in about 4 weeks time. Then I can only put it on and take it off until I go to the Swindon hospital, where I am having my therapy and they will teach me how to walk. I know that is not easy and I know there is a lot of pain involved, I'm up for that, let's get going. I'm still living on the ground floor at my house cause I can't get up the stairs but that's ok. I'm waiting for a company to install a chair lift and they make doors and bathroom wider so I can take a shower cause I haven't had a shower since this happened, I fucken stink (laughs) I do wash."

Steve Outside Riff's Bar

When asked when Steve would be returning to the stage for his first performance (14:20)

"We got a show in the middle of July 2017, in Germany at the Bang you head Festival, we are going to play whatever happens cause we have committed to it now but my team thinks that they can get me ready for that, which would be fantastic if not I will do it in a wheelchair. "

When asked if Grim Reaper will be releasing a live album anytime soon (15:47)

"I do have a live album in the can, I got it ready to mix, I may start on that in a couple of months time, mix it and get it out (last tour of the United States)."

When asked about a new album and a new book (18:56)

"Ian Nash (guitar) and I, in the next couple of weeks are going to start the new album. I'm writing a book too that has taken a little bit of my time and it won't be a normal sex drugs and rock and roll. It will be about this experience and some sex drugs and rock and roll (laughs). It's going to be about losing of the leg and telling diabetics to shape up cause this could happen to them too."

The Metal Voice being broadcasted @Riffs Bar

To donate to Steve and Mille Grimmett

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