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Danko Jones 'Wild Cat' Album Review-by Justin Stockton-The Metal Voice

By Justin Stockton

“Wild Cat” is the eight studio album by Canada based Hard Rock group Danko Jones and is to be released March 3rd 2017. Danko Jones is one of those more modern rock groups that I always thought got the sound right while pulling what ACDC and Aerosmith did so right in the 70's. Their songs have always had the hooks and riffs to keep keen listeners interested and it shows as they have been steadily climbing ever since releasing their debut way back in 2002. However, in recent years I havent paid attention to them much but I feel it is he right time to get back on the rock n roll train with these guys. But does “Wild Cat” still show that they still have it? Or will the cracks be showing? Lets crank this sucker and find out!

Track Rundown

1.Gotta Rock- The album starts with a simple bang your head rocker with the band firing on all cylinders. There is some good grooving riffs in this tune also and it kicks ass. For how simple the song is and the fact that it really isn't anything new, it is still good fun and shows the energy the band still very much has. Danko's voice is still in top shape with the grit that I love hearing in these tunes. The solo albeit is a bit simple but it doesn't overshadow how addicting this monster of an opener is. It really sets the album off in a good motion.

2.My Little RnR- This song has more of that ACDC-like groove to it and the gritty production I really dig as well, it still makes it sound like the band is jamming in a garage. Again like all Dank Jones tunes, its good gritty and hooky old school rock n roll with some killer licks spread all over the place. A very addictive party rock tune.

3.Going Out Tonight- This song almost has a NWOBHM influence to it(I know everything is nwobhm with me) and a bit of the Misfits as well and the punk nature of it works pretty well and makes for another very hooked filled tune. This is one of my favorites on the album.

4.You Are My Woman- This song definitely has more of a commercial edge to it. However, I still think it works even with the more melodic moments I think it is a rock ballad done right. It has the very punchy chorus that wouldn't be out of place on a Thin Lizzy album.

5.Do This Every Night- This song I think misses its mark just a tad especially in the verses the riff just feels a bit awkward. The song just doesn't have the catch the past few had before. Other than that the song isn't bad but it just feels bored.

6.Let's Start Dancing- Some galloping in the main riff I really dig it because it changes up the pace more on the album and Danko almost has a punkabilly style of singing on here its pretty badass. I feel like this song would work very well live and is catchy as hell. It just screams rock n roll in the highest degree.

7.Wild Cat- The title track thumbs a lot more and definitely channels it's inner rockabilly roots as well and works again quite well. Definitely another one of my favorites on the album and one of the more interesting songs on the album as well.

8.She Likes It- I dig the main riff to this song and the verses are pretty damn catchy as well. However, this song trudges however at this point in the point, I feel like the band are starting to get a bit not repetitive but just bored with ideas. The song just doesn't feel like it really goes anywhere and sticks to this mid tempo beat all the way through that yearns for some changes in pace.

9.Success In Bed- This is definitely a lot more blues oriented in its main beat and isn't bad but again, at this point in the album it does seem a bit tired in terms of the concept of the song. I do still dig the chorus and the solo is still one of my favorites on the album to hear because it jams a bit more.

10.Diamond Lady- The pace picks up a bit more in this song and again I feel it would work really well live. It still has a really good beat and sticks to the hooky rock formula Danko Jones is quite comfortable in. Not much to say about this one. It ain't bad.

11.Revolution (But We Make Love)-Despite the awesome title, This song is just alright. Again it sticks to the same formula to the whole album but has some cool Deep Purple vibes to it especially in the chorus. It stays at a mid pace through the whole song. It definitely jams all the way through but doesn't quite end the album with a bang, it just kind of well ends.

Overall, I give “Wild Cat” a 6 out of 10. The album to me had some good songs to it overall, but lacked some kind of “interest” that I used to have with the band. It gets a bit stale about half way through and that's when I start getting a bit bored from it. It is one of those albums that if it were cut down it would be a better listen all the way through but as it stands, “Wild Cat” although it has the right ideas and the right sound, tends to just overstay it's welcome. Either way you look at it, Dank Jones are still doing what they did best and playing solid 70's inspired rock and I still appreciate da,n well what they do.

Justin Stockton is also the Editor of Glistening Metal

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