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Steel Panther Michael Starr-"I'm really good friends w/ Eddie Van Halen's Gardener&quot

Former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin caught up with Steel Panther's Front man Michael Starr on January 10 2017 in Los Angeles backstage at the Whisky at a Van Halen Tribute night at the Ultimate Jam night. Their new album will be released Feb 24 2017

When asked about the New albums musical direction

"Nothing is different,it's about F***ing, getting High and partying, there is like 10 songs on it. They all have different names then the last record and it's pretty cool."

When asked if he has ever been to Edward Van Halen's House

"I'm really good friends with Eddie Van Halen's Gardener and I once went helped him cut Eddie's lawn and that was really fun man. Cause Eddie came out and he and I think he threw me a beer. i still have that beer it's a pop top Milwaukee light

When asked why Steel Panther is more popular in Europe than the USA

Have you ever heard of Clear channel. Well Clear Channel controls pretty much all the radio stations in America so they won't play our music. In Europe everybody plays our music, in Australia they play our music, in Canada they play our music, in Mexico they play our music. Maybe in the USA whoever is in charge needs to F"""Off. and start hanging out and start grabbing Pu*** and start playing Steel Panther?

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