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Ex-Accept Udo Dirkschneider Talks New Album & New Biography

Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Udo Dirckschneider in Montreal, Quebec, Canada January 8 2017. Udo spoke about new album, new biography and answers some fan questions.

DIRKSCHNEIDER recently released a live album called "Live - Back To The Roots" on October 28, 2016 via AFM Records. DIRKSCHNEIDER "Back To The Roots - Farewell To Accept" tour, during which is playing classic ACCEPT songs for the last time.

When asked if he will be releasing a UDO biography

I working on it but that takes some time, there will be a book coming but at the moment I have 60 pages so far, it takes a while, I'm too busy

When asked if there will be a DVD/Blu Ray for Live Back to the roots

There is a live CD at the moment and a video is coming up at the end of this year

When asked what he does to maintain his voice

I do nothing, I think I am really lucky I know a lot of good friends in the business they have a lot of problems with their voice, getting older. I never do warm ups

When asked if there will ever be a U.D.O. unplugged album

It's a good question can be interesting but you never know I come with surprises

When asked if we would ever consider playing Accept songs in the future

No, it's done. let's say it this way there is a little door open if Accept split up or stop then it may be possible to do. If Accept is still in the business of touring I don't play any Accept songs anymore.

When asked when the new U.D.O. album will be released

We start in the beginning of May 2017 recording the album then we will see when it will be coming out

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